What are site themes?

Changing Site Theme and Colors (2 of 4)

The Intranet is comprised of the following key pieces:

  1. Top Frame
  2. Top Navigation Section
  3. Left Navigation Frame
  4. Content Frame

Each of these areas has various functionality that can be enabled or disabled to suit your theme requirements. We will step through how to modify the theme options as well as certain commonly used theme functions.

 There are two methods of changing your site theme: Simple and Advanced 


Simple Theme Editor

Simple theme editor allows you to make modifications to your site theme directly from any page in the site. To open simple theme editor, simply click the theme edit icon in the top right hand corner of your site.

Once in theme edit mode, you will see a series of theme choices you can select across the top of the page. Click on any of these options to make a modification. The options are arranged out in recommended order, starting with your site Logo.

By starting with the Logo you provide the site the ability to detect the colors used in your corporate logo and provide those as a palette of selectable options for use in the colors section. Simple theme builder is designed to show you your theme changes immediately so you can make the best decisions on how a choice will impact your site's design. 

The Colors screen provides you two color choices (Menu and Header) and the option of applying gradients. Based on your choices the simple theme builder will assign associated or relevant colors to other sections of the site. This saves you time in creating your theme. Please note that if you make modifications to your theme's colors in advanced theme builder and then return to simple mode and change your menu or header colors your advanced changes will be overwritten. 

After you are done with your changes you can either click the X to discard your changes and leave the theme builder or the save button to commit them.

Saving changes immediately replaces your current site theme with your modifications.


Advanced Theme Editor

Advanced Theme Editor is accessible by going to Admin > Design and clicking the 'Advanced Editor' button as shown in the image below:

Theme Builder is a sandbox. Feel free to make modifications to the current theme, create copies by using the Save as New Theme option or switching between various pre-built themes to weigh your options. The only time that your theme changes will be made live is if you press the 'Apply to Site' button or you save changes to a theme that is currently the active site theme. Advanced Theme Builder gives you significantly more granular control over modifying your site layout, color and font choices. 

  1. Select a Theme - Select the theme you wish to work on or apply to your site
  2. Apply to Site - Click to apply the currently selected theme
  3. Save as new theme - Create a new theme off a duplicate from the current theme. 
  4. Save to current theme - Select 'save to current theme' if you wish to save your changes while you work on them.

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