What are some tips & tricks for beautifying the intranet?

Changing Site Theme and Colors (1 of 4)

Why Appearance Matters

Appearance matters because users will be faced with their intranet on a daily basis. Design will help the intranet resonate with your employees. Employees will be approaching the intranet for all of their business needs so it’s important to maintain the positive energy your intranet delivers.

Through our collective experiences, we have found intranets of all shapes and sizes. Our goal with this article is to help IC administrators avoid common mistakes made with intranet design.

Planning an Intranet Face-lift? 

Before you dive into designing the theme and layout for your intranet, here are three guidelines that will assist you with creating a site that is attractive, functional and practical:

1) Choose Colors Carefully!

  • Stay true to your brand colors, utilize 3-5 colors (total), and do not let your colors be a distraction from the content and information being displayed on the intranet.
  • Click here for a website that will help you determine your colors.

Note: To find out more about the advanced options available, click here.

2) Layout & Navigation

  • Consider the screen resolution size that your intranet will be viewed on. In environments with standardized resolutions (eg. 1024x768 across the board), we recommend implementing a fixed-width layout. 

    Intranet navigations are common areas for end-user confusion and must be kept simple. Stick to top navigation menus and avoid side navigations wherever possible! This will help conserve your real estate for the content being delivered through your intranet.

3) Home Page Presentation

  • Displaying too much text on the home page can overwhelm end-users. Use the home page to share company information and incorporate widgets that facilitate employee engagement and collaboration. Intranets that have the most impact, embrace employees from the moment they land on the intranet home page.

Intranet Design Ideas?

For more ideas on how other customers have designed their intranet, check out our article on 'How do I create an inspired design?'.

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