How do I change my widget colors?

Changing Site Theme and Colors (3 of 4)

When designing your intranet, your company may have a specific theme they would like to use that matches with your company's brand. You can adjust the theme colors for your widgets which match your selected theme.

 Below, you will see where the colors for your widget theme options come from:

 1) Navigate to admin > Design > Advanced Editor

2) In the screenshot above, you can see where all 4 options come from which are available as options for your header color as shown it the image below:

3) If you wish to adjust these colors, be sure to first save it as a new theme in case the colors you have chosen do not match well with the rest of your site. These colors will adjust other areas of your intranet, not just the theme for your widgets.

4) Click 'apply to site' to set the new theme colors

5) Edit your widget back on your homepage and choose 'Theme Options'.

6) Here you can choose between options 1-4 as indicated above.

 If you would like to use the same theme for all of your widgets on this page, click 'Apply to All' before clicking 'save widgets' at the bottom of the screen.

 Note: If you wish to change the theme for the Menu widgets, this can only be done in the advanced editor as shown below:

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