How do I create a sub-site/department site?

Our product provides users with the powerful ability to create different departmental sites. The creation of departmental sites plays a vital role in separating and securing communication at a departmental level versus an organizational level. For example, security policy changes regarding a company private network can be securely delivered to IT staff through the proper implementation of departmental site.

Viewing the Site List

 Sites are managed using the Assets tab in the Admin Screen.

To view the list of sites:

  1. Login as an administrator.
  2. Click the Admin link in the top right of the screen.
  3. Click the Assets tab.
  4. Each site is displayed in a Site Card – click the site card of the site you wish to view.


Adding and Deleting Sites

Every intranet consists of one more sites. Depending on your organization, you can optionally create additional sites for different departments or locations.

To add a new site:

  1. Navigate to the Site List page
  2. Click the + button next to the Sites label
  3. Name your site as desired, this site could be for a team, department or project.

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