How do I enable Date Conflict checking?

If you are looking to utilize the Events Calendar to do resource booking (Eg. Meeting rooms, equipment, etc.), you can also enable Date Conflict checking to make sure that your event does not conflict with another already published event.

To set this up:

  1. Navigate to your Events Calendar application
  2. Select a calendar (only if you have multiple calendars on this app)
  3. Click toolbox > edit this Category.
  4. You will see a screens similar to the following: date.jpg
  5. Check the box beside 'Enable date conflict checking' as outlined in the image above. 
  6. You can click 'more options' for additional options depending on the type of checking you want done: date2.jpg
  • 'Prevent overlap of events with the same category and sub-category' will show any conflicts when the item you are publishing conflicts with an existing calendar event that is either created on the same parent calendar level, or if the parent calendar and sub category matches. This is the most common selection as many calendars may have multiple sub categories but you would not want a conflict to occur if the sub categories do not match.
  • 'Also prevent overlaps between category and any sub category events' will show any conflicts where the item's parent category, or any of the other sub categories have an overlapping scheduled date and time. This use case would work for a case where you have 2 meeting rooms that have a divider in the middle. If the divider is removed, the parent category would have a meeting during this time, likewise, if you used one of the sub categories, you would not be able to book an event for the parent category during the same day and time.


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