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Getting Started with Online Forms (1 of 5)
Why Online Forms?

Online Forms is endlessly customizable with a simple interface that allows users to create a number of capture forms with smart logic like conditional triggers, formula calculations, GPS mapping for mileage calculations, as well as database query fields and spreadsheets.  Make use of our multi-stage intelligent workflow routing by pulling individuals or groups as approval managers, and create conditional triggers within the workflow process based on response criteria.

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Step One) Add a New Form

To add a form, visit the Online Forms (aka. Form Builder) application, click into a Category and choose "Add" in the top right hand corner of the screen.  You will be taken to the following screen, where you need to choose your type of Form:

Smart Forms
Use smart forms to build all types of forms, such as Vacation Request Forms with custom workflow approval stages, or Mileage Expense forms with GPS mapping and formula fields to automatically calculate claim totals.  Add field triggers to have certain fields appear only when certain data is entered into the form, or workflow triggers to assure the form is approved by certain users when, for example, a mileage claim exceeds a certain amount. 

Use radio buttons, drop down menus, check boxes, or message box fields to generate surveys for employees to fill out.  View responses easily in graph format, and export results to an excel spreadsheet. 

Quiz employees on policy understanding by quickly creating and deploying training tests.  Create question banks to generate random questions so users receive different questions each time they take the test, to prevent user cheating.  Automatic scoring displays user's scores immediately after taking the test, and notifications of their score are sent to users, such as the employee's supervisor. 

Step Two) Build the Form

Step Three) Add Security

Step Four) Add Workflow

Step Five) Review the details and, publish!

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