How do I create a survey?


Surveys have Sections and Question Banks.  Question Banks allow you to add in numerous different fields, and then choose the number of fields to display at each time, so that questions are randomized each time a user takes the survey.

This Survey will be anonymous  so we will not insert a user data section, but we will add in instructions at the top of the form and insert a section to record the Submission Date.  By clicking on "more properties" in the date field you can click "default now" to automatically display the date the user is submitting the survey, and you can choose to display both the date and time, or date only.





Now we can add in our first question bank, which we can add a title to under "Heading" in the build tool.  We need to decide how many questions we want to add to this one question bank.  Say I want to add in 4 questions, but only display 3 at a time, so that the one question left out will be randomized, to prevent user cheating.  We would therefore enter "3" in the "field count" box.   


Then we add in fields to our question bank.  You will notice that we only have three field types to choose from  - drop down, radio buttons, or checkboxes.  When we click to add a field our "label" will be where we enter in our question.  Our options are where we can enter in our answers.  We can click on the green plus icon to add in one answer at a time, or we can click on the "insert function" icon which looks like a little grey wheel, to enter in all our possible answers in a row, separated by commas.  You can expand the properties to change the orientation, add hidden values, or enter in instructions for this specific question.





The form will look like this, and you can click on "Question Bank #1" to add in more fields in this question bank.  Keep in mind that you have chosen to display 3 fields at a time so no matter how many fields you add into this question bank, the form will only display 3 to the submitting user.




In between Question Banks you can add in Sections containing Content fields, where you can enter in content onto your form, such as a large paragraph, an image, a link, or a youtube video.  You can then add in a question bank below that references that content. 





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