How do I change my form responses view?

Customized Table View

Formbuilder presents all submitted form responses in a table view. By default, the table view for the responses will display an icon linking to the individual response view, delete icon, Submitted By field and Submission Date field. However, you can customize the table view to include other form fields that you’ve implemented as well. Simply 1) edit your form, 2) click the Views tab, 3) drag-and-drop fields from the left pane to a desired column in the central pane and 4) save your changes!



Build Tool

In addition to the fields displayed in the table view, by enabling pagination, form creators can control the number of form responses that they would like displayed on a single page. Enabling pagination is very easy; simply select enable pagination, use the provided dropdown to control the number of items displayed on a single page and save your changes.


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