How do I add security to a form?

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Formbuilder allows form creators to customize the security surrounding their specific form. The following KB article will step you through some of the different security settings packaged with your forms. 

Who can view and submit this form?

User Captcha Prior to Submission – Enabling this setting will result in form submitters to be prompted with a captcha field (see below). This field helps protect against bot submissions and helps ensure that users submitting the form are legitimate people.

All Submissions will be anonymous – The label gives it away! All form submissions will be anonymous. This is useful in scenarios that require an anonymous organizational feedback form or survey. It is important to note that you cannot impose a limit on the number of user submissions when this setting is enabled.

Who can build my form?

Form creators can add form builders to their form. When assigned, this right will give a user full control over your form. They will be able to modify and delete the form as if it their own. In addition, it is worth noting, users with this form ownership privilege will be able to view all of the responses for their form.

Ignore global folder level permissions – Enabling this option will allow you to limit form administration rights to the users with form builder rights and users with the super administrator elevated right.

You can add users or groups as form builders.

 Who can see the form responses?

This area will allow you to the rights surrounding submitted form responses. The four different types of permissions are as follows:

  • View Response
  • Edit Response
  • Delete Response
  • View Approval

Each of the rights mentioned above can be assigned to the submitting user with regards to form responses they’ve contributed. Form creators can also configure the rights a supervisor has over their subordinate form responses. Beyond these, you can give hand-picked users and groups with the rights that you wish them to have.

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