Linking & Securing Online Forms for Subsites /Pages

This article will walk you through how to create folders specific for subsites/pages on your Intranet.

The Online Forms app, like the Employee Directory app, has the potential to contain large amounts of data. Because of this, it is only possible to have one instance of Formbuilder on your Intranet. This means that when adding apps to new subsites, the Formbuilder application is not available as one of your available templates.

To accommodate this, you can create a folder for each subsite that requires forms and then secure it down for that specific subsite's users and link to this folder on the subsite itself.

To help illustrate this, please see the following image showing how you can lock down the folder for the specific group. In this example, this folder is for the Human Resources team:


Next, click 'Go To App' and navigate to the Human Resources folder.



Link to the HR folder from your Human Resources site navigation:



Once you have saved your changes, the HR team will now be able to successfully access their forms as necessary.

It is important to note that while this gives them access to forms specific to their use, this will take them out of their site and back to the Home site. 


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