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This application idea was brought to me by Leo Marneros from Gold Coast Hospital.  In this specific case, the form was being used to give feedback for Interns/Junior medical staff to be used in their formal mid-term and end-term assessments.  The folders are locked down, only accessible to Consultants and Senior Medical Staff, allowing them to comment after working a shift with junior staff.  The coordinator of the feedback program can then log in and see a more widespread view of comments from senior staff.   The use case for this form, however, could spread across industries to be used for annual review of employees in general.  It means feedback is gathered from a variety of sources, it is contemporaneous, and it is well documented.

To create this form we use the Appbuilder App.  Under admin > applications > click on "create an application".  Since this application is so simple we can start with a blank template.

On the right hand side, click on "build form".  A title is mandatory, so we will leave that in, and we will also drag in an employee field (which can optionally be renamed "intern").  Then we will drag the title field below the employee field, and click "title" to rename this field to "position".  Here, we will be able to type in whether the user is an intern, junior medical staff etc..


Optionally, we can add in an archive field to the Build Form view, to move these documents into archives once the term/assessment is over.  This helps reduce clutter within the application.


On the right hand side of the page click on "List View".  We want a table layout type, and then we can edit our fields.  We want to add two extra columns.  In the first column we will drag in "employee", the second column "position", and the third column "comments".  We want to save our changes and then click on "item view" on the right hand side and again, edit our fields.  Here we want to drag in "employee", "position", and "comments".

Then, we want to click onto folders/security on the righthand side.  Delete Folder 2, and rename Folder 1 to be "Year 2013".  This is the folder we will put all of our 2013 interns in.  Since this is an application that only certain people should be able to view we want to lock this folder down.  Beside folder security OFF we hit [apply], and remove global view.  Then we assign user permissions, and add in view rights to those users who will be leaving their comments about the interns/employees.  Optionally, we can go back to manage folders and add a sub-folder and name this folder "January" or "Term 1", however your company structures its reviews.

Lastly, we click on "settings" up at the top, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to our application Options. We want do disable site search, enable comments, and disable ratings and tagging.

We can now click on "go to app" and add in our users.  Once we have a couple users added, our list view should look like this:


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