Employee of the Week/Month/Year

This form would be a great addition to the Employee Recognition application posted previously.  At the end of the week/month/year, a user is responsible to sort through each nomination to bring up a list of individuals eligible to be voted for employee of the week/month/year.  

To create the Form navigate to your Form Builder application and create a new form.  At the top, add in a drop down field and add in your eligible employees as the options to choose from.  Expand the properties to include instructions to employees such as "please read the following profiles and choose your nomination for Employee of the Year".

Then we want to add in a new section and label the section header that of the first eligible employee.  Within this section add in a content field with the employees photo, and a second content field with a description of why they are being nominated.  Then move the content fields so that they are located next to each other.  So far, your form should look something like this:




Continue to create sections with the section header of the eligible employee, content fields for the image and description.  Employees will be listed down the page and the user can scroll back up to the top to vote.  Alternatively, you can put the voting dropbox at the bottom of the page so that employees need to scroll through all of the employees before making their selection.

When the voting is closed edit the form and choose "move to draft", which will hide the form from users.  Then click on view responses and click into one of your form responses.  You'll see a little summary graph bar located in the top righthand corner - clicking here will display the following:



Some users may want to take a screen snap of the results, and display this image within a message box on the home page to advertise the winner of Employee of the Week/Month/Year.  This may also increase Employee Recognition app usage :)


Use this Form setup for many other types of voting forms including:

- Children's Art Contest (showcase artwork of children of employee's and have voting at the top)
- Cubicle/Department Decoration Contest at Christmas 
- Costume Contest at Halloween


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