Gratitude Board

Much like the Employee Recognition application , employees can post things that they are grateful for.  A great app to boost morale at Thanksgiving, or any time of the year.

To create a Gratitude Board app we go to admin > applications > create application. Choose “suggestion box” template, name your app and save.

This is your application settings area of your Gratitude app. On the right hand side click on “build form” to build your Gratitude form.

Drag in a graphic field, and remove the following fields: suggestion/idea, additional notes, file attachment, link attachment, publish on, and archive on (unless you want any of those). Rename title to “What are you grateful for”, and save your changes.  Once set up is complete, your form will look like this: 



Now we want to create our Gratitude list view.  When users click into the Gratitude application this is the view they will see of all the gratitude notes.  Click on “list view” over on the right-hand side of the page.  Choose Layout Type: Table, save, and then hit “edit fields”.  We want to change this view so that we have four columns: Created By, What are you Grateful for?, Graphic, and Ratings/Comments.



This is the layout for the list view.  We can determine which order items are sorted in by expanding “sorting” located right above “layout”.  We will probably want our Primary Sort to be Created Date, but you could also sort by Ratings, or What are your grateful for?


Now we want to set up our folders. If there is only one folder in an application, when clicking into that application the user will land into that folder. On the right hand side click on “folders/security”, click into folder 2 and delete the folder. Then click into folder 1 and rename the folder "Gratitude", and save.

Now we hit “go to app” and add in our first Gratitude note to test it out! After saving we are taken to the item view of the gratitude note. To view the list view we can click the breadcrumb back to “Gratitude”, which will list the things we are grateful for, like so:




Add an application widget to the home page to pull in the most recent items from your gratitude app.  This will pull out posted items and advertise them on the home page.  Employees can click "view more" to take them into the gratitude app and post their own note!



If you want all users to be able to add Gratitude notes, you will need to click into your application, go to application toolbox > application settings, and click on Folders/security on the right hand side. Click into your folder and beside folder security OFF hit [apply].

We want to turn on Global Add – you may also want to turn on global edit if you would like employees to be able to go into their gratitude note to make changes.

If you want to be able to monitor content that is added to this application you can click back into your folder and beside content approval OFF choose [assign]. Here you can enable content approval and choose your approval managers, and your workflow approval options.


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