Where is the In/Out Board?

In/Out Board

After upgrading to 11.5, the In/Out board application has been removed with the status features integrated into the Employee Directory. You can view employee statuses by going to the Employee Directory and clicking "View Employees" or performing a search within the Directory. The view employees section allows you to view the employee's minicard. You can customize the information to be displayed on the minicard by going to Admin > Directory > employee card settings.
Here, you can select which items you wish to show on the minicard, including the employee's status. This also allows you to customize how many employee cards will be displayed on each page, how large the card will appear and which icons you may wish to show - To get an idea of how this card will appear on your intranet, see the preview on the same page below the mini card settings.
 The status will need to be set by the employee from their profile (My Hub) using the '+' icons shown beside either Status or Future Status:

Creating the In/Out Board using a Department site

Alternatively, the In/Out Board can be recreated using existing functionality in the software. 

Note: Instructions below apply to Version 12.0. For Version 12.5 and up, please click Assets tab, and click + button next to Sites.

 As a first step, create a department site application through admin > Applications > Create Site (Click here to view the article on creating department sites).


To remove the side menu, go to your In/Out board dept site > toolbox > Widgets|Page Layout option, look for the Department Navigation widget displaying on either the left or right column. Click the delete icon to remove the menu from this dept site.

Next, add the employee Status Updates widget. This can allow you select specific departments or All departments on the intranet. 


You can make customizations to your widget as you see fit. Above, there are some suggestions as to what you may possibly want to display.

Here you can see the Status Update widget displayed on the department page you created:


As an additional step, you can add a link to this application from the top navigation menu to make it easy for anyone to view. Should the employee want to update their status, they can do so by either going to their profile or going to this new department site and clicking "Add Status".

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