How do I set up and manage subscriptions on behalf of others?

Setting up Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a great way to alert users of new and updated content.

To setup subscriptions, users can manually subscribe by going to an application > selecting a folder where the content is stored > clicking the Toolbox option and clicking 'Subscribe (Alerts)'.


There are times where you may want to also alert a group of users to content without having each person subscribe individually. To do this, you will need to have the elevated rights of either a Super Admin or Administrator. To push alerts, navigate to the profile link at the top of the page > click Alerts > then, manage subscriptions.



Under the manage subscriptions screen, you can choose to push user alerts or push group alerts, and choose the application you want them to receive emails from. Choose the user/group you want to set up or manage subscriptions for:



Now you can select the application you wish to subscribe them to:



Now that you have selected an application, you can choose to select all, or specific folders, to enable subscriptions. From the screenshot below, you can see that I can select News and Views to enable subscriptions to that folder. I also have options for the type of content that my users are being subscribed to.

Site Alerts - This offers a notification that appears as a number beside the user's profile at the top of the page. In the first screenshot at the top of this article, you can see that there are '35' alerts waiting to be read.

Email Alerts - This type of alert sends a notification email alerting them of updates rather than a site alert.

You can subscribe a user to both if you wish.


Types of alerts:

New Content - Only content that has been added to an application by clicking 'add' will alert the user/group.

Updated Content - Only content that has been edited will alert the user/group.

Advertised Items - Only content advertised to the What's New widget using 'Advertise Now' or scheduled to be advertised, will alert the user/group.

All items - New, updated and advertised items will alert the user/group.


Once you have specified the type of alerts, click 'save' to apply the subscriptions to the selected user/group.



Managing Subscriptions

In the event that you will need to manage subscriptions sent to a user or group, this can be done using the same interface used to set up subscriptions. Navigate to your profile > alerts > manage subscriptions screen once more to start.

Select the 'push user alerts' or 'push group alerts' > select the user/group > select the application. At the application screen, you can click 'view group subscriptions' to see what alerts the user/group has already been subscribed to and click the 'pencil' icon beside the application name to adjust the subscription:



When editing alerts, select the type of alerts you would like to set for this group, the same way they were setup in the first place, by selecting from the Site Alerts and Email Alerts drop down > specify what type of alert you want > check the box beside the folders to apply these changes to > click Save to finalize the changes.



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