Resetting your Coldfusion Administrator Password

You can reset your CF MX 7, Coldfusion 8, or ColdFusion 9, Coldfusion 10 admin password by doing the following:

  1. Go to the ColdFusion installation directory (by default C:\CFusionMX7 or C:\ColdFusion8 or C:\ColdFusion9 or C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\)
  2. Open the \Lib\ directory
  3. Locate the file and open this with notepad
  4. Make the following changes to the file

START FILE............

 #Fri Nov 03 14:55:07 EST 2006

End file...........

5. You will have to change the encrypted to false and then type a new password.

6. Restart the CF Application Server service

7. Login and reset your password from within the CF Administration site.

For ColdFusion MX 6:

1. Stop the "ColdFusion MX Application Server" Service
2. Open the "neo-security.xml" file contained at %CFMXInstallRoot%\lib
3. Find the line: "&ltvar name="">&ltboolean value="true"/></var>" and change the true to false, then save the file
4. Restart the "ColdFusion MX Application Server" Service

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