Restarting your ColdFusion Application Server Service

During upgrades or occasionally in response to a support request you may be called on to restart your ColdFusion Application Server service. This can be done via a remote session to the web server. To restart this service, take the following steps:

  1. Login to your server and go to Start->Run->Services.msc
  2.  Find your coldfusion application server, which will be as follows in these versions
    • ColdFusion 9: ColdFusion 9 Applications Server
    • Coldfusion 8:  Coldfusion 8 Application Server
    • Coldfusion MX 7: Coldfusion MX7 Application Server
    • Coldfusion 6: Coldfusion MX application server
  3. Right Click your application server and select Restart.

This will restart your Coldfusion Application Server.

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