ColdFusion Upgrade procedure

If you are currently running an older version of ColdFusion and would like to upgrade to the latest version of ColdFusion. Please note that while Adobe does suggest that it is possible to install ColdFusion 9 over-top of earlier versions we do not recommend or support this. Our recommended method for upgrading to ColdFusion 9 is the following:

  • First take note of your current Data Source Settings and Mail Settings. (See: for accessing ColdFusion Admin). Mail settings can be accessed by logging into your ColdFusion Admin and under Server settings there will be a menu called "Mail" 
  • Backup your Mail Settings. Most important please take note of your Mail Server settings as this will need to be configured again after installing the upgrade as well any credentials that have been entered.
  • Backup your Data Source Settings. These are located in Data & Services --> Data Sources. Note the following values. These will need to be reconfigured after your upgrade. 
    • Datasource Name
    • Database 
    • Server
    • Username
    • Password
  • Clients who have been running Intranet Connections for multiple versions may have data sources with any of the following names. Please check the data sources listed here as you will need to confirm which are safe to ignore and which will need to be recreated. For the purposes of this discussion we will assume that your site is running on intranet connections 10.0 or later with an SQL database. 
  • The following data sources may have been created during your use of Intranet Connections. If your site is on version 10.0 or later, the starred data sources do not need to be recreated as they are no longer needed. 
    • Administration *
    • Functions *
    • Security *
    • SQLFunctions
  • Please note that you may see other data sources resulting from running a test site (such as TestFunctions or TestSQLFunctions) as well as additional possible datasources if you are running multiple copies of the product on the same server. If you are unsure about which data sources to back up, please contact support. If you see any data sources listed in your admin that are not referred to above, please stop the upgrade procedure and investigate whether your site may be running additional products (other than Intranet Connections) on your ColdFusion installation. These vendors may have setup requirements or recommendations that you will need to follow. 
  • Determine the appropriate ColdFusion update version for your OS. To confirm whether you are running ColdFusion 32bit or 64bit (See:
  • Uninstall the current version of ColdFusion that you have installed on the Computer.
  • Run the Installer for the latest Version of ColdFusion
Downloads for ColdFusion can be found here
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