Identifying your current ColdFusion version or Data Source

In order to determine your site's eligibility  for upgrades you may be asked to confirm your ColdFusion version or locate information about your site Data Source. To identify your CF version you can refer to the instructions below to assist you with this process. 

For clients running Intranet Connections version 10.0 or higher, simply do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Admin site
  2. Open the Site Settings tab and locate the environment info box on the right hand side of the page


In v11.5, the information can be found under the System information box (under admin > Site Settings).


For clients running older versions of Intranet Connections, you can follow the instructions on accessing your ColdFusion Administration site to confirm the exact version ( When you have successfully logged into your CF Admin site, access the System Information link in the top right hand corner. 


Use the system information link to gather additional information that may be requested of you by support or to determine whether you need to apply a specific hotfix (update level) or java JVM update (Java Version). 



If you do not see an entry for Update Level you are currently running a stock installation of the reported version without any hotfixes applied.

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