A license exception has occured

While using a trial installation of ColdFusion which has expired or very occasionally when a power failure or other server issue causes an unexpected reboot you may encounter the following issue with ColdFusion:



This error indicates that your ColdFusion installation has reverted to Developer Mode. Dev mode allows connection from the local web server as well as two additional IPs. After that all connections from additional machines will receive this error. The following methods are recommended to solve this issue. 

  1. Restart your ColdFusion Application Server Service. This will reset the counter to allow two new machines to connect to the dev site. 
  2. Contact Client Services to request an possible extension to ColdFusion if you are on a trial of the software
  3. Re-insert your CF serial number. To do so: 
    • Access your CF admin
    • Enter your CF Serial by clicking on the system information link and entering the license into the license field
    • If you do not have or remember your license key, please contact support for information
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