ColdFusion Performance Enhancement Recommendations

The following is a series of recommendations that are suggested to tweak a stock installation of ColdFusion 8 or 9 for improved performance when running Intranet Connections. First thing we will need to do is load ColdFusion. For instructions on how to load your ColdFusion admin site please go here

Once ColdFusion has been loaded the next thing we will want to do is determine if you are running ColdFusion 32Bit or 64Bit. For instructions on how to find that please go here


General Server Configuration

Consider applying the following recommended exceptions to any Anti-Virus application you have running on either your web or database servers. 


Memory Variables

In ColdFusion Administration load the menu Memory Variables which is located under Server Settings.

Under Maximum Timeout find the setting Session Variables. Once you have found this setting change Days to 0 , Hours to 8, Minutes to 0 and Seconds to 0.


Submit changes to save your settings.


Data Sources

In ColdFusion Administration load the menu Data Sources which is located under Data & Services.

Open your Microsoft SQL Server Data Source.

Click the button Show Advanced Settings.

Look for the Setting called Max Pooled Statements and change this setting to 0.


Submit changes to save your settings.


Java and JVM

In ColdFusion Administration load the menu Java and JVM which is located under Server Settings.

Locate the Minimum JVM Heap Size (MB) & Maximum JVM Heap Size (MB). If your system is 32bit we recommend that you put both of these settings to 1024, but if running a 64bit server and there is enough memory you can set this to a higher setting. As well in JVM Arguments find MaxPermSize and change this setting to 256. Please note that these are general guidelines and are not intended to replace site-specific modifications which can be more accurately determined based on usage loads, user counts and server resources. For assistance with this please contact support.


Submit changes to save your settings.


You should also confirm your Java JVM version. Significant performance issues exist for all versions of the JVM between 1.6.0_01 and 1.6.0_10. Any clients running on these versions are recommended to update their JVM. For general performance and security reasons, it is still advisable to update your JVM if you are not currently running the latest CF supported 1.6 JVM: 1.6.0_32 

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