Photo Manipulation Errors with ColdFusion 8

If you are currently experiencing any of the following issues you may need to apply a hot fix for ColdFusion 8 to resolve your site's image manipulation abilities. Issues can include:

  • A 'Error cropping photo' message when uploading and resizing images in the Employee Directory after the 11.5 update.
  • And error message when uploading photos anywhere on the site with the details: "An exception occurred while trying to write the image. Ensure that the destination directory exists and that ColdFusion has permission to write to the given path or file. Cause:"
In either case, use the following KB to determine whether you are on ColdFusion 8 and your Update Level. 
  • If you are currently running ColdFusion 8.0.0 you should immediately update to 8.0.1
  • If you are running 8.0.1 or have just applied the update, confirm whether you have the update level hf801-71557.jar applied. If not, apply this hotfix.

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