Troubleshooting Email Notification Issues (ColdFusion)

As a first step, what version of the software are you running? Find this information on the admin > Site Settings page. As well, try the following steps:

1. Log in to the ColdFusion administrator console by typing: 

http://[intranet server name, domain name or ip]/cfide/administrator/index.cfm

To access your ColdFusion Admin site, see --

2. Click 'Mail' on the left menu

3. Check the current mail server settings with your Network/IT specialist - Do they check out ok?

4. Select the 'Verify mail server connection' checkbox

5. Submit your changes

Does the connection verify successfully? If so, are you receiving email notifications from *anywhere* on the intranet (for example, try using the feedback form linked in the upper right corner of the site).


The Mail screen within ColdFusion will look similar to the following:


Next, try enabling enhanced mail logging in the ColdFusion Admin. Try the following:

1. Go to the ColdFusion Administrator console - See steps above

2. Click 'Mail' on the left menu 

3. Select 'Log all mail messages sent by ColdFusion' 

4. Save your changes

Next, try performing some actions on the intranet that would regularly result in an email notification to be sent out. Once this has been completed, please open the the C:\ColdFusion\logs\mail.log and C:\ColdFusion\logs\mailsent.log files.

Do you see the triggered notification as being successfully sent? If so, check to see if their email addresses are correctly defined in our software.  If the email addresses are correct, then, our software is doing its job and the mail server is not successfully accepting/relaying those messages to the expected recipients. 

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