Undelivered Emails (ColdFusion)


We have recently changed our mail server. During the time between changing the mail server and making this change on ColdFusion, some of the emails were not received. Is there a way to retrieve these emails?



When the email server is changed, the emails will still be sent from the intranet, however, they will be sent to an undelivr folder on your web server as they are unable to resolve the correct email server settings. You may see how many emails there are by going to admin > Site settings and looking for the number of undelivered emails as shown in my attached image emails.jpg.

To retrieve these emails, you will need to access the web server at the following location:
ColdFusion: C:\ColdFusion\Mail\Undelivr (path may be slightly different if you have your intranet installed on another drive, the version number of ColdFusion will also be included).

Open the emails with notepad and make changes to the email server information. Once you have saved, drag the emails to the Spool folder: C:\ColdFusion\Mail\Spool

From the admin > Site Settings page, you can now run the scheduled task which will also send out the emails. They should now be distributed to the correct recipients.

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