Patching your Intranet Connections site (v11.5.5 and below)

Intranet Connections recommends performing regular maintenance (patches, backups, upgrades etc.) on any Intranet site. The following article is focused on the installation of patches.

If an Intranet application has access to the appropriate web services, a notification will appear in the site settings once a patch is available for download (see below).


In the case of an Intranet site lacking access to internet web services, administrators may obtain patches, externally, through our Client Connections site: The following tutorials demonstrate the two methods of patching an Intranet Connections application.

Patch the Intranet Application Using the Patch Utility

  1. Log in to the Intranet Connections application using administrative credentials
  2. Click the admin link (in the top right corner of the Intranet site)
  3. Click the [download now] link at the top of the Site Settings page
  4. Specify the appropriate username and password under the Step One area
    1. Username = Email account of the main contact Intranet Connections
    2. Password = Intranet Connections product key
  5. Click the Download Patch button
  6. Click the Run the Patch Utility link

Manually Patch the Intranet Application

  1. Find your intanet's version. Click here for steps on finding your version number. In addition to the version information, you will need to know your client credentials in order to be able to download the different patch packages.

    Username = The email address of the primary contact associated with your account.
    Password = The product serial number found on the admin > Site Settings page of the intranet site.

  2. Download the patch most appropriate for your release version. Find the links below:
  3. Back up your intranet folder on the web server
  4. Extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file in to intranet folder on the web server
  5. Restart the ColdFusion Application Server service on the web server

Should you encounter any issues with the patching process, please contact our support team at

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