Version 11.5 Changelog

We are very happy to announce the release of our latest version, 11.5. This release concentrates on improving the interface and social functionality available to clients within the Employee Directory. As well as a brand new interface, new elements like the employee wall and the site wide share content options provide new avenues for employees to participate in their intranets. Version 11.5 also includes a series of enhancements to the administrative site as well as several other requested features. We are excited to hear your feedback on the new functionality!

Clients upgrading to version 11.5 should confirm that they are on a minimum of ColdFusion 8.0.1 and if not update their installation accordingly.

Clients should also be aware that version 11.5 drops official support for IE 6

Post 11.5 installation, clients should also confirm that they are not affected by any of the following documented issues:


Version 11.5 Upgrade Change Summary. Video feature walkthrough available here

Added in Patch 11.5.9

Added in Patch 11.5.6

Directory changes include:

  • Altering the default multi-item display to a new employee card view
  • Addition of new sort options like dynamic tag filtering
  • Addition of an inline editing mode for user self editing including a new friendly mechanism for uploading and resizing profile photos
  • Elimination of the 'My Hub' area as a separate location in the site and the inclusion of all previous hub functionality into the employee's profile page
  • Introduction of a new social feature, the Employee Wall, allowing users to post statuses and messages to theirs and others profiles
  • A new site wide Share Content feature available allowing quick content posts to the employee wall
  • Integration of the status availability feature, previously delivered through the In Out Board application, directly into the directory profile
    • After the upgrade In Out Board is no longer an available application
    • All content in the main IOB application is migrated into the directory
    • Any clones of the IOB application will need to have their content migrated to another application prior to upgrade
  • The Employee Directory will no longer be accessed through the applications tab. A new tab 'Directory' is now available for directory functionality
  • Introduced and clarified terminology in the admin site related to user records
    • Employee: A user's profile in the Directory
    • Login: A user's credentials for accessing the site 
    • For a discussion of user management and profiles in version 11.5 see the following KB article
  • Added new fields to the Directory:
    • Social fields (Linkedin, Facebook, Messenger, etc)
    • Generic HTML field
    • Custom Code field (supports the execution of javascript and ColdFusion code within) 
  • Directory department security has been simplified to the ability to assign/restrict view rights only.
  • To assign the ability to edit or create employees use the Profile Manager elevated right. The upgrade will delete all app owner permissions for the directory as these are no longer applicable.
  • Validation added for Bookmark links. Bookmark links will need to be well-formed, valid. For example: is well-formed. http://internalsite will not be considered valid.

Site administration changes include:

  • Addition of a login impersonation tool allowing super administrators to access the site as non-admin users
  • Changes to site authentication and security interfaces including new options to support authentication combinations
  • Addition of the thumbnail photo as a field option for AD Synchronization
  • Added a new group type Department Synchronized Groups
  • AD Syncronization will no automatically reinstate users' site logins disabled in the site as a result of their account being disabled in AD.
    • Previously these accounts needed to be manually reenabled by an administrator.
    • This will only impact accounts that are disabled after the upgrade to 11.5.
    • If you wish this to apply to all your disabled accounts, please contact support for further details.
  • Modification of the site cleanup processes to automatically execute on a scheduled basis.

Other upgrade details include:

  • Addition of new widgets
    • Tags Feed: A new widget allowing the display of new and updated content matching a certain combination of tags
    • Wall Feed: Allows the display of targeted wall posts to any home page.

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