Intranet Connections 11.5 Patches

Table of Contents
  • 11.5.15 -- Released January 17th, 2013
  • 11.5.14 -- Released September 14th, 2012
  • 11.5.13 -- Released July 4th, 2012
  • 11.5.12 -- Released June 15th, 2012
  • 11.5.11 -- Released May 16th, 2012
  • 11.5.10 -- Released April 27th, 2012
  • 11.5.9 -- Released April 17th, 2012
  • 11.5.8 -- Released March 27th, 2012
  • 11.5.7 -- Released March 13th, 2012
Patching Instructions

Method One -- Download Patch Through Admin Interface

  1. Go to admin > Site Settings
  2. Click download
  3. Wait for the download to complete, click install
  4. Allow the patch process to complete

Method Two -- Download Patch Manually

  1. Click here to download the latest patch manually.
  2. Navigate to admin > Site Settings
  3. Locate and click, click here to upload file
  4. Select the downloaded patch file
  5. Click install
  6. Allow the patch process to complete
Version 11.5.15 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
Admin Site
  • FireFox-related JavaScript issue preventing users from adding new icons to their menu items.
  • JavaScript error resulted from clicking the [evaluate stats] link on admin > Site Settings.
  • On the admin > Site Settings > Publisher Display Format page, the 'show picture' setting was re-enabled when the 'Picture' field on the admin > Directory > manage fields was enabled and the save button was clicked.
  • Improved file name handling for the File Migration Utility.
  • The admin > Security > User Permissions function was not properly returning permissions for applications created within department sites.
  • Making any changes to the admin > Site Design > Edit Site Icons resulted in the site top frame height to reset to 90px.
  • Internet Explorer 8 issue related to pages with external content embedded not auto-sizing the iframe height properly.
  • Reduced the padding between menu items in the site navigation.
  • Error presented when performing a search on an application utilizing the 'List' layout for their search results.
  • Error presented on the list view when any of the fields were utilizing the 'bold label' option.
  • Improved handling for item links pointing to network shares or resources.
  • Anonymous users were unable to add comments to appbuilder items.
  • Error presented when viewing the approval history of an item that had no approval history.
Employee Directory
  • Clicking the department or division link on an employee card re-arranges the employee cards to display employees belonging to the respective department or division. This did not occur previously.
  • Employee card sort was not respecting the 'First Name, Last Name' sort order option.
  • Disabling the Email field would not remove the email icon from the Advanced Search results for employee records.
  • When disabled, removed the colleague and wall links from the right menu. This only affected user logins with no associated employee profiles.
Employee Training
  • The supervisor fields during registration should not be modifiable unless an external user is being registered for a session.
  • Enabling 'Supervisor Notification' resulted in an error when registering for a course.
  • No email notification was being sent to the supervisor email defined when registering an external user.
Events Calendar
  • Performing a search would result in an error if tagging was disabled.
  • Email notifications for newly created calendar events were not being sent.
  • Default option is now respected for private fields.
  • Error when attempting to delete a form which has outstanding approval requests.
  • Added support for the iPhone Good browser.
  • Improved handling for employee directory where multiple searches were being performed back-to-back.
  • Error when generating reports in a site that is running off of a SQL 2005 backend database.
Support Desk
  • Issue resulting in Support Desk technicians to not receive email notifications.
  • Legacy problem related to employees not appearing in the anniversary box widget because, in previous versions, they had no anniversary year defined.
  • Legacy data-issue that prevented the 'Add Content' icon from presenting the expected pop-ups for your feed widgets.
  • Blogs feeds behaving incontently when feeding from multiple blog applications.
Version 11.5.14 Patch Notes
Area Features Added
Employee Directory
  • The ability to customize the fields displayed on the employee card. Find more information on this new feature by clicking here.
  • 'Birthday', 'Anniversary' widgets now have a 'display weekend dates' option.
Area Issues Resolved
Admin Site
  • Scheduled task error related to the clean-up of disabled users involved in the content approval process of an Appbuilder application.
  • Sporadic user impersonation error that would result in a blank page to appear.
  • User impersonation dropdown button not visible in scenarios where the dropdown contained first names, last names or usernames longer than 360px (approx) in width. 
  • Instances of the top menu tabs being pushed out of view, leaving them in an modifiable state.
  • Externally embedded content frame did not expand to fit the height of the intranet layout.
  • Added a header to HTML pages created through the Menu Builder interface.
  • CSV import issue related to blank department values resulting in the employee being assigned to a 'Generic Department'.
  • Application reporting issue resulting in 'active' applications solely available for reporting.
  • Only the first category of a targeted application displays when generating a user or group report.
  • 'Download', 'Install' not appearing in the patching pop-up in the FireFox browser.
  • Added a scroll-over tooltip for edit, delete icons in the Item View.
  • An error related to creating a departmental Appbuilder application based off of a 'Blank' template.
  • Email notifications not being sent to subscribed users.
  • Added an 'Approval History' icon in the Item View for items with an approval history.
  • Added AND/OR tag criteria to Appbuilder 'Advanced Search'.
  • Blog header links now make use of the header/navigation bar theme colors.
  • Expected groups not appearing as a select-able option in the 'Blog Members' area for private blogs.
  • Subscribed users do not receive email notifications for new posts.
Department Sites
  • When cloned, department pages with What's New widgets do not act as expected. Irrespective of the departmental advertising options, items advertise to both departmental and home What's New widgets.
  • Internet Explorer 8 issue resulting departmental left menus appearing in the center of the page.
Employee Directory
  • Added the chat icon in the 'Advanced Search' results.
  • Problem resulting in employee profile pictures appearing stretched out.
  • Removed the wall icon for the employee card view when the wall feature is disabled.
  • 'Division' field appearing in the "Advanced Search' results when disabled.
  • Employee Number previously view-able by non-admin users.
Events Calendar
  • Current day now highlighted.
  • Events Calendar search results displayed the starting date for recurring items twice.
Support Desk
  • Publishing a new form trigger notifications to be sent to all 'Supervisors' for the Support Desk application.
  • 'Weather' widget not displaying current weather.
  • Application/Blog Feed widgets do not display short descriptions for all items.
  • Added handling to Live Chat widget allowing using to use single quotations in the widget configuration text fields.
  • Resolved a ColdFusion 10 incompatibility problem related to setting a polling interval for the Live Chat feature.
  • Session creation issue.
Version 11.5.13 Patch Notes
Issues resolved
Site Navigation Resolved an error that would appear when loading pages with embedded external content.
Advanced Theme Editor Improved handling for the definition of hex color values in the 'Advanced Theme Editor'.
Impersonate a User Resolved a number of sporadic errors that would occasionally appear when impersonating a user.
Mobile Fixed a mobile site access issue.
Employee Directory Addressed an error which would sporadically appear under an employee's profile.
Version 11.5.12 Patch Notes
Features Added
ColdFusion Version 11.5.12 is now compatible with ColdFusion 10
Issues resolved
AD Sync Resolved a sporadic issue which could cause certain records not to sync correctly if targeting multiple OUs using the Start field. Minor sync performance increases.
Menu Builder Resolved error which could trigger on uploading an icon or bullet graphic
Site Admin Resolved an occasional issue which generated a session error when trying to impersonate a user
Site Wide Various theme/formatting fixes
Site Wide Fixed a rare issue which could cause clients using IE 7 to spike to 100% CPU usage on certain pages
Version 11.5.11 Patch Notes
Features Added
Appbuilder The title of Appbuilder items in list views as well as in feeds is now controllable via the admin Build form
Department Pages Department pages now support an independent left column with dedicated navigation. This navigation will persist across all department apps and pages
Multiple File Upload MFU in the graphics application and in all appbuilder applications now allows you to bulk tag all items during upload
Theme Employee photos now use rounded corners for browsers that support this format
Tutorial Builder Improved positional handling and visual display of tips. Tutorial builder now supports sites not using the fixed width theme layout
Widgets Application feeds now support targeting more than one application. For example, you can now federate the events from all your calendar applications in a single mini-cal on the homepage
Widgets Application, Tags, Blogs and What's New widgets now have a quick 'add item' link for site administrators. You no longer need to travel into your applications to publish an item
Widgets Feed widgets now have new theme options such as adding the publisher's photo
Issues resolved
Site Wide Improved theme handling for pages with content that would otherwise expand past the page borders as well as other formatting concerns
Version 11.5.10 Patch Notes
Issues resolved
E-Form Builder Resolves a series of formatting errors that could trigger when a user defined approval manager approves or declines a form response.
Site Wide Improved tracking of edit changes to posts
Version 11.5.9 Patch Notes
Features Added
Admin Site Tutorial Builder. Create new guided learning sessions for your users.
Admin Site Simple Theme Interface. Make quick changes to your active site theme on the fly.
Admin Site Widgets Page Redesign. Streamlined widget creation with new summary page for widget types and added a new option to pin or unpin the left 'menu' column from the site.
Admin Site Breadcrumbs. Added new Global Option to enable breadcrumb sub-navigation on all non-admin site pages.
Admin Site Changed password reminder function to send users a time sensitive password reset link to their email address.
Admin Site Added Supervisor as an import option via CSV. Add the supervisor's email address to the CSV to associate with their employees.
Admin Site / Directory Added new controls over directory search results. Use the Manage Fields interface in Directory to control which fields appear in the search results page.
Site Search Popularity ranking. Sort search items by the popularity (number of social actions) on items with priority on the most recent activity.
Site Wide Dropped support for Internet Explorer 6. Site code has been fully updated to support new strict doctype making it incompatible with IE 6 but allowing the development of new rich interfaces and exciting product functionality.
Widgets Employee Profiles. Added support for new display choices like showing specific users and showing users hired within the last x days.
Issues resolved
Admin Site Improved handling of cleanup process related to notification failures.
Blogs Improved tracking of edit changes to posts
Directory Users can now remove any posts on their own wall regardless of the original author.
Site Alerts Site subscriptions alerts will now correctly send notifications as unique emails to all subscribing users.
Site Search Improved formatting
Version 11.5.8 Patch Notes
Issues resolved
Admin Site Fixed an issue relating to the manual patch upload process effecting users on Internet Explorer and FireFox
Admin Site Improved handling for the App Builder re-indexing feature
App Builder Corrected an issue with the ratings capability
E-Form Builder Resolved a response sorting problem unique to server environments running ColdFusion 8
Employee Directory Improved handling for adding new colleagues
Employee Directory Introduced additional handling surrounding wall posts
Photo Albums Resolved a bug effecting ratings feature offered on the details view
Widgets Anniversary Box: Added extra handling for leap year calculations
Version 11.5.7 Patch Notes
Features Added
Admin Site CSV import automation. Added handling to support the automatic processing of CSV files for user insert/update. 
Employee Directory Added a new elevated role "Employee Manager" which can be granted to users to give them full edit rights to profiles within the directory without any control over logins or security details.
Employee Directory Added a global value in the Manage Fields interface to allow admins to force hide the year for all birthday and/or anniversaries
Employee Directory Added support in the share content feature to send the shared post to multiple employee walls
Employee Directory Re-added support for ordering and display selections for name presentation within the directory. Located in Directory -> Display Settings
Issues resolved
Admin Site Resolved handling of theme deletion which could occasionally result in a constraint error
App Builder Improved calculation of item visits for stats tracking 
E-Form Builder Corrected a sporadic error that could occur when uploading a new file to E-Forms if a legacy file control option was selected
E-Form Builder Improved handling for form result search in Chrome
Employee Directory Improved handling search ordering and modified card display to support field display settings
Job Postings Improved handling for file upload
Library Resolved error which might trigger when site cleanup process was sending notifications for overdue items
Site Wide Email set to comment moderator incorrectly locating user to the folder rather than the item view
Site Wide Improved handling on alert subscription deletion
Support Desk Improved date handling on the alert editing box on the application home page
Training Corrected an error which could occur when changing the class size for a course which contained full sessions
Upgrade Improved handling of upgrade for clients with data incompatibilities in the training and directory applications
Widgets Corrected an error which could occur on modification of a previously saved Exchange widget

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