Version 11.5 drops compatibility for IE 6

Starting with the upgrade to 11.5, Intranet Connections is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer 6. A minimum of IE 7 will be required. For new administrative functionality like Simple Theme Builder and Tutorial Builder a standards compliant browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE 9 is required.

In order to provide clients extra migration time this has been highlighted on upgrade documentation but implementation has been delayed until the latest patch. After applying the 11.5.9 patch to your current 11.5 site or upgrading from a previous version, users with IE 6 will now be prompted with a message that they are using a browser which is no longer compatible.  IE 6 users will experience a series of formatting issues as well as functional areas of the site including (but not limited to)

  • Formatting, padding or background color inconsistencies (1 and 2)
  • Inability to process transparencies on site icons resulting in the display of a grey background (3)

Known areas that have usability issues:

  • Employee Directory Card View is non-functional
  • Site administration including new features like Tutorial Builder and Simple Theme Builder are non-functional

We appreciate that this may cause some upgrade delays and considerations for some clients and for those inconveniences we apologise. We are committed to providing backwards compatibility for highly used browsers for as long as feasibly possible but continued support for IE 6 had become an obstacle to our ability to deliver dynamic and exciting functionality to all our clients. IE 6 is over a decade old, is the subject of a campaign by Microsoft itself to encourage users to upgrade and is highly incompatible with new web standards (CSS 3, HTML 5). If you have any questions or concerns about applying this update and how it will impact your users please don't hesitate to get in contact with our support team.

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