Version 11.0 Upgrade

Version 11.0 Upgrade

Before downloading the upgrade, please READ THE ATTACHED CHANGELOG

Downloading Instructions:

1. Confirm you are running Intranet Connections Version 10.5 and CF 8 or later

2. Download the Upgrade

3. Make a backup of your site files and your site database

4. Double click on the upgrade110.exe file

5. Target your intranet directory location (normally C:\inetpub\wwwroot\intranet)

6. Refresh your site and enter the upgrade password (upg110) into the splash screen prompt

7. If your upgrade encounters an error your site will revert to an operational 10.5 version.  Please contact support.


  • A restart of the ColdFusion Application Server service is recommended after a successful upgrade

As always if you experience any installation issues, would like to report a bug or have feedback about new functionality, please contact us at

The SQBox Team  

You can view a webinar presentation of the 11.0 features below. Please use the fullscreen option on the media player after choosing play for best results. 




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