Version 12.0 Changelog

We are very happy to announce the release of our latest version, 12.0. This release focuses on significantly increasing the utility of E-Form Builder. Significant additions include new options to deploy tests and surveys, to create new smart forms with line item spreadsheets, conditional, calculated and triggered fields and a significantly upgraded workflow processes. 

You can download a copy of the upgrade through the available upgrades area in the Settings tab of your Admin site.  

Version Requirements

 Version 12.0 Upgrade Change Summary.

Forms Application Level Changes:

  • Forms application now supports the folder tree for unlimited depth of form storage
  • New forms publish process created
  • Form creation has been forked into five types (Form, Survey, Test, File, Link)


  • Create tests with automatic scoring on multi-select fields (radio, check-box, drop-down)
  • Define scores for each field as well as passing score totals for the entire test
  • Create Question Bank sections to randomly display a selection of questions to prevent employees exchanging answers. 
  • Allow users to review their own submissions after completion and see correct and incorrect answers
  • Owners and administrators can review single tests or summarize multiple responses for aggregate answer data
  • Test submissions can never be edited by any user


  • Create multi-question surveys to capture feedback from users
  • Use a graphical summary to view chart data on response patterns (response totals, average weighting)
  • Use question banks to randomly display questions to users, cutting down on response bias

Forms (general):

  • Completely rebuilt form construction interface for improved ease of access. New floating build window simplifies field insertion.
  • New field types: 
    • User Data: Capture data related to the submitting user (name, dept, supervisor) w
    • Number: Numeric field with masks (currency, decimal, whole number)
    • Content: Field for form designers to insert information related to the form submissions including summaries, long instructions and pictures
    • Email and Link: Fields to support simple insertion of these data types
    • Formula: Perform math or text string manipulation calculations on fields in the form.
    • Mileage: Perform intelligent route calculation using built in mapping to determine distances from user defined points. Simplify employee travel claims. 
  • Existing field changes:
    • Multi-select fields now support hidden numeric values to allow interaction with formulas
    • Multi-select fields support insertion of large data sets using comma separated strings (ex: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT...)
  • Spreadsheets: create a section with fields arranged in columns and supporting an unlimited number of user created rows
  • Triggers: show and hide sections or fields in a form based on values selected by the user during submission


  • Rebuilt workflow engine and interface for improved ease of use
  • New stage type 'Notifications' allowing the triggering of alerts at any point in a workflow rather than just after approval. 
  • All notifications now support full customization to allow form designers to change wording to fit the specific process in question
  • Workflows can now be changed without interrupting pending form responses
  • Stages now support new manager options including groups and the form's submitting user
  • Stages can now be triggered conditionally based on values submitted in the response. Only get additional approval if a request requires it. 
  • Support added for ad-hoc escalation. Allow approval managers to escalate a response by pulling in new approval managers on a case by case basis. 

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