Intranet Connections 12.0 Patches

Table of Contents
  • 12.0.19 - Released July 22nd, 2015
  • 12.0.18 - Released Sept 15th, 2014
  • 12.0.17 - Released May 15th, 2014
  • 12.0.16 - Released Feb 25th, 2014
  • 12.0.15 - Released Jan 20th, 2014
  • 12.0.14 - Released Oct 22nd, 2013
  • 12.0.1241 - Released September 20th, 2013
  • 12.0.1216 - Released September 5th, 2013
  • 12.0.1178 - Released August 12th, 2013
  • 12.0.1088 - Released June 12th, 2013
  • 12.0.1019 - Released April 26th, 2013
  • 12.0.8 - Released March 22nd, 2013
  • 12.0.7 - Released March 14th, 2013
  • 12.0.6 - Released February 18th, 2013
  • 12.0.5 - Released January 22nd, 2013
  • 12.0.4 - Released December 21st, 2012
  • 12.0.3 - Released November 30th, 2012
  • 12.0.2 - Released November 7th, 2012
  • 12.0.1 - Released October 26th, 2012


Patching Instructions

Method One -- Download Patch Through Admin Interface

  1. Go to admin > Site Settings
  2. Click download
  3. Wait for the download to complete, click install
  4. Allow the patch process to complete

Method Two -- Download Patch Manually

  1. Click here to download the latest patch manually.
  2. Navigate to admin > Site Settings
  3. Locate and click, click here to upload file
  4. Select the downloaded patch file
  5. Click install
  6. Allow the patch process to complete
Version 12.0.19 Patch Notes
Feature Change Highlights:
  • This patch contains a number of fixes across multiple applications
  • Issues with exporting forms as PDFs and .CSV files resolved
  • No changes in functionality or behavior
Top Frame Font Appearance

There is a custom setting in Admin, Design, Advanced Editor for setting the font and size of the Admin, My Profile, Stats, Logout links. These custom values were previously not being respected.
After applying this patch, if the size or font of these links change, you can fix it by setting the correct values. See image below.

  • Fixed issue with cleanup of archived items when thousands of items are archived at the same time
  • Font size and family in top frame where not respecting set values
  • Fixed issue causing error message "Element USER.QRYUSERPERMISSIONS is undefined in SESSION" in application log file
  • Fixed issue with Appbuilder's list view sorting.
  • Html code displays on labels in appbuilder after applying ColdFusion 10.0.14 hotfix
Discussion Board
  • Fixed an issue with forum notification email's sender address
  • Fix issue with editing a recurring days event
  • Regex code not shown next time field is edited.
  • Forms with tens of thousands or more responses had performance issues when loading response table view
  • Performance improvements getting a list of pending form responses
  • Private form field that was not filled in because the user did not have permission to view it was causing an error when a notification was sent to a user that does have permission to view
  • Export to CSV/Excel of large form response data sets caused performance issues and Java heap errors
  • Formbuilder js error when removing message box field with CKEditor instance.
  • Infinite loop occurs when user and supervisor are one and the same.
  • Fixed an issue with form PDF export on ColdFusion - long lists of checkbox/radio button options would not wrap properly.
  • Vertical long checkboxes/radio buttons not aligned with their text properly in PDF export.
  • Exporting form responses was showing extra columns of data for users with view permission to responses
  • Improved form response listing performance
  • Filtered Form Responses are not exported properly to CSV
  • Excel export fields show duplicated data if there are multiple columns with the same name.
  • Image files do not display if # symbol is in the file name
  • Fix years of service calculation for sending an anniversary message in Employee Directory
  • Error in the training calendar edit if removing from advertising


Version 12.0.18 Patch Notes
Feature Change Highlights:
  • This patch contains a number of fixes across multiple applications
  • Peformance of forms with large spreadsheets has been improved
  • No changes in functionality or behavior
  • Fixed issue with intermittent error in scheduled process
  • Fixed issue with Send System Alert when selecting users control isn't large enough
  • Error when site owner or application owner is trying to update content has been resolved
  • Issue with changes in division not saving when department is changed at the same time has been resolved
  • AD synchronization improved to disallow user being set as their own supervisor. This was causing an error displaying Org Chart
  • Issue with displaying calendars with more than 2100 historical events has been fixed
  • Display ssues with side by side field layouts has been fixed
  • Triggered sections were being displayed incorrectly 
  • Pending approval email was being sent when only a notification stage exists
  • CFSQLTYPE CF_SQL_BIT error was fixed when user is submitting a form
  • On PDF, EMail, and CSV exports for a test form, non-question fields were incorrectly showing a score of 0
  • Background theme settings now properly respected during for response search
  • Error fixed when user is own supervisor caused an error when trying to view a form
  • Peformance of forms with large spreadsheets has been improved
  • Horizontal display of checkboxes and radio buttons now properly respected in email notifications
  • Saving of alphabetical re-ordering of dropdown fields fixed
  • Mapping API for mileage fields has been updated
  • Error with resetting all pending workflows has been resolved
  • Issue displaying home page for certain cusstomers after upgrading to 12.0.17 has been fixed
  • Issue with blank names when displaying employee profile widget has been resolved
Support Desk
  • Issue with multiple support desk applications and duplicate alerts has been resolved


Version 12.0.17 Patch Notes
Feature Change Highlights:
  • New Updating of items no longer causes items to move in application of what's new feed widgets (see Application and What's New Changes for more details)
  • Fixed issues with AD Synch missing some users
  • Improved performance of applications with a large number of records
  • Manager for OU group with / was not syncing correctly
  • Error - 'FK__EmployeeW__Wall'. Script for deletion from EmployeeWallFacorite was not covering all the cases.
  • Added PK and FK in appbuilder tables
  • Appbuilder item titles were not JavaScript encoded causing issues with read confirmation
  • Users with a NULL picture value in the DB caused issues loading wall posts on earlier versions of CF
  • Employee advance search not returning results if spaces added after the search term.
  • Calendar conflict checking showed a conflict when there wasn't one.  This client had an item in their db with post = NULL
  • Rendering of HTML editor fields in form responses sometimes doesn't set field value
  • PDF Export was not honoring some formatting options
  • Double quotes were showing in the form response excel export
  • Form triggers that hide fields that have triggers do not propogate as expected
  • Sections triggered to show with fields not spanning full width had field sizing issues
  • Ability to edit external email list not working in IE9 and lower
  • Multiple pending responses tied to same workflow instance cause query error on approval dashboard of Formbuilder
  • Deleting an uploaded file form did not actually delete the file from the server
  • Radio or checkbox fields with numerous options could cause rendering issues in HTML or PDF formats
  • Tab characters in copied text for test answers caused issues with JSON serialization of form data
  • JSON serialization issue with CF 9.0.1 caused issue with Worfklow editing interface
  • Table headers not showing in the form security form
  • CKEditor image plugin is not setting border color making the border size attribute do nothing
  • Popups set to a fixed height not showing scrollbar for content overflow in Firefox
  • Some session vars should always exist and be created with every session start
  • AD disabled users (who are not disabled in IC) do not show up in widget feeds.
  • Error with secure pages: Too many parameters in RPC request.
  • Issues with email attachments on Railo
  • Application feed shows edited items at the top of the feed
Job Center
  • Corrected an error when submitting a resume when ratings is disabled
  • Training notifications with pound symbols in a session date label caused issues
  • Site search encounters error in searching for items in Verity/Solr with no results
  • Menu drop-downs do not function on the employee search page on IE 7
  • Reinstating an archived quick poll should require picking the poll question
  • Flash videos in Message Box widgets overlap menu and build tool.
  • Flash embed widget is not correctly setting an opaque window mode to prevent overlap issues in IE


Version 12.0.16 Patch Notes
Feature Change Highlights:
  • New merge field {approvalHistory} has been added for emails sent during the workflow process. This merge field allows the entire approval history to be embedded in the body of the email.
  • Issues with CKEditor not having media file insertion options have been resolved.
  • Issues with Schedule task file corruption have been addressed
  • Fixed error where after clearing a user's manager in AD and performing a sync, that user still displays the previous manager in IC
  • Make sure LDAP query to get users/employees to sync is the same for both sync actions
  • Fixed error in AD Sync where location's "State/Province" option reverted to "Select One" option when selected
  • Fixed error when moving a drop downlist caused elements with HTML formatting to be stripped of formating
  • Railo error when uploading an Advertising icon in Appbuilder for an item
  • Blog search issues with the posts' author names and pictures
Employee Directory
  • Issues with employee number when it is to be synced with active directory.
  • When AD Sync for logins is off and Auth Mode is Windows, default auth type for new logins changed to Windows
  • Disabled Users show up in Org Charts
  • Could not edit picture of AD synced employee when HTML type field was mapped
  • Mobile directory's "Supervisor" field didn't match the label defined in the "Manage Fields".
  • The xDays type of event recurrence was not being respected.
  • Recurring event occurrences  would show in "whatsnew" on the day created rather than on their event date, when the "Advertise recurring items" was selected and "advertise on" field was left blank
  • Tab characters in the drop-down values were causing a JavaScript error during json parsing which prevented the item from being loaded.
  • Checkboxes with hidden values could not be included in formula fields.
  • Added PossibleScore and Score to the workflow mail merge variables           
  • Table view for form responses should have links and emails and file uploads that actually link           
  • Popup for viewing security on a folder was not showing a scroll bar           
  • The explanation was not populating when viewing fields of a form that had not yet been saved 
  • Default values were being saved to the database even if the field was not displayed because of a trigger not displaying the field           
  • Cached forms for IE 8 and lower were not honoring default date/time setting on date fields     Wrong date/time showing when going to fill out the form
  • Extended form style overriding feature and fixed bugs     Could not override instructions color and other styles were not respected     Yes
  • Added ApprovalHistory to the workflow notification email           
  • Form field layout code not always setting heights correctly causing layout issues     
  • Floating fields wrapping strangely and not lining up
  • Null form created dates cause an error when attempting to display the form's time stamp
  • Date function passed to the date function datediff in unspecified or invalid
  • CKEditor is missing the custom insert media plugin
  • CKEditor 4 with advanced content filter enabled prevents Insert Media from working and strips HTML from content    Insert Media doesn't work and HTML content is lost
  • Fixed styles in workflow: white header font was used on white background           
  • Stats: Logins data not being populated in summary     
  • Railo sometimes corrupts the scheduled task configuration. 
  • Closing chat window was deleting chat message           
  • Upgrade to CKEditor 4 caused issues with comments controls and daily tips widget
  • When the search box is not placed in the header the admin menu is centered
  • Recipes application error when adding new item.
  • Allow dept admins to publish from widget           
    App feed items were not being pushed to the top of the order in the widget after being updated unless advertise settings were enabled.           
    Tags feed was filtering tags if multiple selections           
    Fixed permission check for site advertising widget     


Version 12.0.15 Patch Notes
Feature Change Highlights:
  • Support for Internet Explorer 11
  • Approval history is now included in Form reponse export for Excel
  • Applications using employee fields with notify user option turned on now support custom subject lines
  • Viewing of Work Anniversaries in People Directory now exclude recent hires
  • JS error on profile form of admin site preventing employee editing
  • Editing employee/login profile clears photo if unchanged
  • Error when a profile manager uses the employee search function
  • Mail generated when web services are activate results in mail error and url param error if no mail server configured
  • AD Sync with '/' character within the directory
  • Set fixed size for permission assignment popup on categories that shows scrollbars when overflowed
  • Popup for applying permissions to menu items could cutoff if data included long names
  • Appbuilder search on system date fields (last edited, archive, publish) was not working
  • Employee notification subject can now be edited
  • Items moved from folder with global view off into one with global view on not showing in search results
  • Permission check on secured files was not checking item owner rights for draft blog posts
  • Blog owners should have permission to add tags provided publishers are given this permission
Company Store
  • Content boxes in Company Store should display based on dates for regular users
Employee Directory
  • Alerts page in profile not expanding full width of content area
  • Incorrect employee cards load when selecting a new department after refining by division
  • Don't show new hires in Anniversary view of directory
  • Admin should be able to configure first & last name so that users cannot edit them on their profile
  • Org chart should order direct reports by name
  • Events calendar not validating recurrence patterns because of JavaScript errors on page
  • Events calendar was not displaying comments & ratings controls on item view when enabled
  • Integrate document management linking into Formbuilder link type forms
  • Form submit error when generating HTML workflow notifications and form fields have instruction content
  • Some exported responses to CSV do not include approval status
  • Workflow notification stage to external emails cannot be edited if many recipients are defined
  • Checkbox/radio fields should respect direction attribute in HTML & PDF exports
  • Add approval history to the excel export
  • Anonymous response should not show the user name in a notification stage site alert
  • Text notifications for form response had an erroneous link
  • The form was not displaying on the mobile browser
  • Form builder search would error if there was a date field hidden because of a trigger
  • After upgrade, form wasn't publishing because of previous approvals and there was an error on deleting a response from the listing view
  • Excel export for form response with " followed by a comma was not correctly formatted
  • Exported PDF responses and form data embedded in HTML email notifications should show file upload names and set the anchor tag link to the URL path to the file
  • Clearer warning message on Delete Workflow
  • Form responses were not displaying properly due to a checkbox that had a tab character in the option value
  • Some draft form responses submitted with IE9 would lose field data
  • CSV export of form data should limit cell data to 32,767 chars max
  • Large numbers in number fields cause arithmetic overflow error when submitting a response
  • IE version detection incorrect for 11.0 results in bad layout
  • Incorrect redirect url used when maintenance lockout is on and user browses root directory
  • Folder owners should see a link to add a new folder in the toolbox when viewing a folder they own
  • CKEditor support for IE version 11.0
  • Tag control JavaScript causing browser to become unresponsive for IE 8 clients
Photo Albums
  • Enforce file size limit in Photo Albums on client and tell user when exceeded
  • Multiple photo upload form should respect field labels for title and caption
  • Photo Albums not respecting home page folder/category view options
  • Photo Albums not respecting field display setting for Short Description on multiple file upload form
  • Folder owners to be allowed to change the folder the item belongs to
  • Comments email notification for photo album cloned application has incorrect link
  • Advanced Search should not display disabled apps in the filter by application listing
  • Site search on a tag was not returning items
Support Desk
  • The name of the user that entered a note was not displaying
  • Home & Department site left column top padding inconsistent
  • Not able to select applications for a new Application Feed widget on a department site left column


Version 12.0.14 Patch Notes
Feature Change Highlights:
  • Administrators can now be assigned to security groups. This option is useful when administrator is part of a workflow approval process.
  • Checking in of a file under versioning will now trigger subscription alerts and advertising to What’s New (if advertising is set on).
  • The Wall link on profile pages is now hidden instead of shown disabled if Wall option is turned off.
  • An option to override background colors for form responses when printed to PDF or emailed has been added. (Ask customer support for further instructions).
  • Form responses printed to PDF or emailed now have the form title shown at the top.
  • Form responses printed to PDF or emailed now include instructions on fields.
  • Employment anniversary widget no longer shows employees when they first join the company.
  • Application Feed Widget when connected to a Photo Album can now display larger photos.
  • Field names longer than 17 characters are now truncated when displaying form responses in a table view.
  • Scheduled task to clean up disabled users should first clean up the records from the associated wall post, wall favorites and wall links before removing the users wall records.
  • Scheduled Task error in the search indexing section
  • If search for both active & disabled logins, don't filter results
  • Do not display disabled admins in the list of possible site administrators
  • Menu builder incorrectly updating build view of menu when altering section headers
  • Top menu gradient/solid background styling incorrect when menu has gradient and hover is solid
  • Allow super admins & admins to assigned to groups
  • Login redirect url in user profile not being handled correctly
  • There was an error on an appbuilder item page if there were not any system fields included for Railo sites.
  • Creating an application based on the Documents template will respect the value for the title to link to a file or details.
  • Allowable character limit for a summary will be checked and trimmed before it is entered into the database
  • made the text box smaller on the read confirmation popup because it was pushing the save button to become unviewable
  • Took care of HTML formatting for special characters using "HtmlEditFormat" function.
  • The name of the user who posted a comment in appbuilder (or other applications) should link to their profile whether they have a profile picture or not.
  • When disabling versioning and the old files are not there anymore, make sure to test that the file exists before deleting it.
  • Checking in a file and advertising now should update the whatsnew record.
  • Appbuilder list view doesn't go to detail screen on clicking of a scheduled item
Company Store
  • Corrected when you click Request Item from the company store search results in IE8.
  • A subscription to an edit alert for an Appbuilder file upload that has been checked in should fire the alert when the file is checked in.
  • Correction to make sure the correct user is listed for the edit user in a site alert that was done through an impersonation.
  • Inline edit controls were saving state even when clicking cancel button
  • Advertise option on employee profile form didn't show on Railo sites
  • View subscriptions popup should use fixed height and auto scroll if content overflows
  • Don't show "Wall" on the right nav in the directory when the wall is disabled
  • Profile picture with special characters will display
  • Added ability to overwrite form, section, and field styles online, and in email and PDF exports.
    • In Lib/Styles folder is a new file called themes_form_sample.cfm
    • User must copy file, edit style values, and save as Lib/Styles/themes_form.cfm for override to take effect
    • This will override the theme for all forms, including when they are displayed in browser, send as email, or exported to PDF
    • Requirement to rename themes_form_sample.cfm to themes_form.cfm was introduced to ensure user changes are not overwritten if themes_form_sample.cfm changes in an later patch 
    • If a user incorrectly changes themes_form.cfm (invalid values, changes CF tags), this file will be ignored, and default theme will be used
  • Check that a file has been uploaded for the form of type File Upload - it is a required field.
  • Correction to the form with a spreadsheet that has a mileage field, when the form is edited and one of the spreadsheet rows is deleted it caused and error.
  • Form response with an uploaded form had a bad link to the file in the email notification.
  • Error when submitting a form response with a private field by a user that cannot see the private field but a notification is sent to a user that Can see the private field
  • Printing of response from toolbox sometimes did not show form data in output
  • Include form title in PDF export
  • Respect intranet styles in Formbuilder build tool dialog
  • Corrected the notification alert should not be of type approval
  • Support printing of form response summary view and allow easy swapping between summary/table views
  • JSON serialization workaround for CF issue (pad & trim string data to keep it as a string)
  • Html rendering of form response for PDF/email should output field instructions
  • Site alerts from anonymous form submissions should not show submitting users' name
  • Truncate long form field labels in table view of responses
  • Pound symbol in decline comments when declining an approval in Formbuilder caused an error
Job Center
  • Corrected an error if the job number is set to NOT display and entering a job application form.
  • Display order of employees in mobile site was incorrect if site was set to order by title or department, also corrected an error when only 1 result was returned
  • Do not allow forum replies to be returned in site search.
  • Secured message box widgets in department site showing in search results to users without view permissions
  • Stats should be collected for external links and the report should display links for filtering.
Support Desk
  • Added a scroll bar to the popup that lists the technicians to assign.
  • Trigger an alert if trying to register for a session with a user that does not have an email address set.
  • Error in Excel export of Training report under certain conditions
  • Do not show employees with anniversaries that have not been at least 1 year.
  • Employee profiles widget would not show title if division was set to hide in directory fields
  • Don't show new hires in Anniversary widget
  • Change messaging around Department Advertising widget
  • Department site navigation padding incorrect when pinned to left menu column
  • After detaching the color input field, put it (attach) before the last element in the row (delete answer icon).
  • Use full size images from Photo Albums for application feed slideshow if thumbs larger than 300 x 300
  • Added 1px to the maxHeight/maxWidth to compensate for the loss of the decimal digits b/c of using width() method.
  • Modified "image" plugin for CKEditor to ensure borders are respected in HTML5 when applied


Version 12.0.1241 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Added hotfix management system to product updates
  • Weather widget spelling mistake when unable to connect to Weather Underground web service
  • Apostrophe character in link field address broke link to files using file paths
  • Draft forms should not show in global search
  • Error sometimes occurred when exporting multiple responses to Excel
  • Dependency checking (triggers & formulas) added when deleting form sections
  • Hash (#) characters in decline comments during approval process caused error
  • Some data/time field combinations did not respect required validation correctly
Version 12.0.1216 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Consistent white spacing of list view layout.
  • Title option to open file not respected in list view.
  • Deleted fields should be removed from table layouts on deletion.
  • Performance improvements to form response search and table view.
  • Incorrect spreadsheet data showing in PDF export.
  • Other option text input on checkbox fields hides when other checkbox options were checked.
  • Double quotes or html in section headers or instructions prevented form submission.
  • Don't include instructions in form data merge of email notifications related to workflow.
  • Date & time fields were not respecting required validation correctly.
  • Field merging into email notifications was wrong for some field types (drop downs, radios, checkboxes, mileage).
  • Users should have view permissions to responses that they were part of notification stage workflows.
  • SQL query fields did not trim retrieved data resulting in viewed response not displaying correct choice.
  • File Upload field on IE8 did not render with correct opacity settings as other browsers.
  • Number sign character in comments when declining a response caused an error.
  • Fixing AD Server configuration to properly accept IP addresses, machine name, or fully qualified machine name.
  • No longer overwriting cfregdn.cfm configuration file on patch on Railo sites.
  • AD group not syncing correctly (wrong members) when syncing multiple organizational units.
  • Scheduled task error due to file cleanup with Buy & Sell expired items.
  • Bug in supervisor management for Support Desk applications.
  • If session IP checking is active or session is invalid, clear session/cookies and redirect to login .
  • Events Calendar error on Railo sites when event added to Outlook and then updated.
  • Quick polls was not escaping html in field data (question, instructions, etc).
  • Employee profiles widget error when no data returned.
  • Weather widget should not call Weather Underground API for conditions unless a location is known.

Version 12.0.1178 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Employee fields in Appbuilder were truncating past 5000 active users.
  • Relative Link fields in Appbuilder were being pathed incorrectly.
  • Disabling of versioning on the file field did not remove previous versions of the physical file.
  • When using the content view for the home page with grouping by folder, publisher photos were missing.
  • Sort order of items in drop down field not respected on add form.
  • Scheduled blog posting routine was not functioning as expected.
  • Some scheduled blog postings caused the scheduled task to terminate prematurely.
  • Tags being erased when updating items on Railo sites.
  • Social settings were not saved when initally creating new HTML page in a department site.
  • JSON serialization issue with ColdFusion not removing high ASCII characters.
  • HTML pages that had been shared could not be deleted.
  • CSV import of users sometimes ran into unique key contstraints on user name.
  • Live user chat message history retention fixed.
  • Search indexing was not handling records with a null menu pointer.
  • Changed autocomplete login search to not list disabled users.
  • Correct search handling whether to search for "all these words" or "one or more".
  • Bug with AD sync and automatic department group management feature.
  • AD sync issue on CF8 plaforms.
  • AD sync of employee photos for users with illegal Windows characters in their name failed.
  • AD sync issues with users & groups and support for IP/name of DC server.
  • Error when removing more than 2100 active user alerts at one time.
  • Department site navigation ordering screen rendered incorrectly on IE browsers.
  • Scheduled recurrence event calendar cleanup SQL exception.
  • Employees with out user logins were not present in the Printed List.
  • The quick search in the admin site for an employee was not fully sorting as expected (both first and last name).
Discussion Board
  • Sharing of discussion topics via the wall sometimes had the incorrect pointer to the original posting.
  • Site search results based on tags sometimes had the incorrect pointer to the original posting.
  • Anonymous user access to empty new discussion application resulted in error.
  • Workflow notification field merging and HTML export of response data invalid for option/mileage fields.
  • Response search by date range was not inclusive of the last day selected.
  • CSV export of response data did not match for section & field layout if objects were moved.
  • Merged data fields in notifications were not respecting the system date/time formats.
  • Response search filter options were retained between response views.
  • Supervisor approval stage was missed under certain circumstances.
  • Workflow notifications were not fully supporting the plain text global email option.
  • Some legacy workflow approval records remained visible in the Approval tab post upgrade.
  • JSON serialization issues in CF and invalid approval workflow history views.
  • Form layout design was not allowing fields to be dragged between sections.
  • JSON serialization issues in CF resulted in stages not appearing in the correct order on the edit screen.
  • Added option on notification stages to send emails from the submitting user rather than the system email.
  • Cross-browser fix for file upload field click & cursor behaviour.
  • JSON serialization issues in CF with values that are thought to be numeric. Eg. "00123".
  • User data fields in spreadsheet sections did not retain their value when adding rows.
  • JSON serialization issue when retrieving response data for complex fields (drop downs, radios, checkboxes, mileage).
  • Empty form sections should still show if they have no viewable fields (with the exception of sections only contianing hidden private fields).
  • Added support for deleting the responses currently filtered in the search results.
Support Desk
  • When opening a new ticket, custom checkbox field state was lost if form didn't meet validation.
  • Supervisor validation on training registration was not firing if a user did not have a supervisor in the system.

Version 12.0.1088 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Active Directory issue related to disabled user accounts preventing the synchronization of new user accounts when their was a match in username between the two accounts.
  • Active Directory problem that resulted in a new group to be created in Intranet Connections whenever a synchronized group's name was changed in AD.
  • Site alerts administration bug preventing administrators from subscribing their users to applications that did not exist on the site navigation.
  • Railo-specific error message that was encountering when applying security to an HTML page.
  • Advertised Appbuilder items on What's New were not archiving at the expected date/time.
  • Railo-specific error when trying to view an Appbuilder page that included the 'Versioning' field.
  • Number field valudation on number fields was not working as expected.
  • Application owners were not seeing the manage widget icon for widgets in their home, list, item and, search views.
  • Adding a graphic to an existing item with an uploaded file caused the file download link to point to the graphic instead of the uploaded file.
  • Scheduled blog posts were not being published at the expected time or as part of the scheduling process.
Company Store
  • Railo-specific error that was encountered when attempting to add a new product.
  • Long descriptions for products were not respecting the width set for the content area.
Events Calendar
  • Error that was encountered when clicking a tag associated with a specific event.
  • Content clean-up of recurring events was not occurring as expected.
  • Super administrators were receiving an unauthorized message when attempting to view the response for a form with no responses.
  • Approval comments and approval managers were not being set in workflow notifications.
  • Notification stages resulted in multiple pending approval email notifications to be sent to form submitters.
  • Form sections added after a response had been submitted were showing on older form responses.
  • Google Chrome specific issue related to changing the order of workflow stages in a specific form.
  • Users with response view permissions were able to view approval history on form responses without being given approval view permissions.
  • Workflow stage edit/delete permissions were not being respected.
  • Re-submission of declined responses were not entering conditional workflow stages even when conditions were met.
  • CSV export of form responses was not respecting field layout order in the columns.
  • Tuned the stored procedure surrounding the submission of forms to improve performance even in complex-workflow scenarios.
  • Field triggers relying on the Other option value for multi-select field types (eg, checkbox, radio buttons, dropdowns) were not behaving as expected.
  • Link forms that were pointing to physical files on a network share were not opening as expected.
  • PDF export with approval history was not honored unless the inclusion of the form instructions was enabled in the form settings as well.
  • Orphaned triggers on a form resulted in the Build Tool to behave unexpectedly.
  • Disabling user accounts was not working as expected when the user being disabled had elevated rights to a form.
  • Required field validation was notbehaving as expected in user-defiend workflow stages.
  • Spreadsheet data was not being included in email notifications in the expected format.
  • Section headers without any fields behave as they did in v11.5.
  • Folder descriptions were not being displayed when entering a folder.
  • Open seat notifications were not firing when a student cancelled and people were waitlisted.
  • Excel export of students registered for a course produced an error when a session did not have a name.
  • You can now set photo,name,category,description and various other settings on an application feed widget that is targeting the Formbuilder application.
  • Network share file links now properly generate links on application feed widgets.
  • Disabling of colleagues feature was not respected by my profile widget.
  • Disabling of user widgets area was not respected by my profile widget.
  • Employee Profiles widget was displaying disabled users.
  • Application Feed widgets were not honoring the Item Count configured in the widget settings.

Version 12.0.1019 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Google Chrome frame prompt to install on IE8 and lower browsers shouldn't occur if disabled.
  • Added "impersonate" button to profile edit pages for employees/logins and changed stop behaviour to stay on the page currently being viewed.
  • Exclude deleted application/item stats from item popularity report.
  • Profile managers should be able to disable/delete users/employees as long as they are not super or site admins.
  • Simple theme editor hides admin links, search box, etc when changing header background color.
  • Railo issue with site menu icon uploading fixed.
  • An error message no longer occurs when attempting when one Support Desk Supervisor tries to assign another user as a Supervisor for the Support Desk application.
  • Default archive days for "Archive Date" field should be completely separate from Advertising (What's New) default archive days.
  • File not found issue with some invalid Appbuilder file field data entries.
  • Publish time should default to now if publish date time field is hidden in Appbuilder.
  • Apps now respect the AdvertiseOnDate and will move to the correct position in the what's new list.
  • Draft form responses should be accessible even if users don't have view permissions to their submitted responses.
  • Some migrated client response data had forms showing as pending approval that were not.
  • Email notification to submitting user shouldn't say pending approval if workflow only contains notification stages.
  • User without delete permissions to responses should be able to clear/delete their draft.
  • Incorrect user referenced when multiple "approval" site alerts around the same form response.
  • Employee profile widget sorted by anniversary date shouldn't show employees whose hire date is in the future.
  • Events posted by anonymous users (not logged in) should show in application feed widgets.
  • Email notification to submitting user shouldn't say pending approval if workflow only contains notification stages.
  • Display type of "random items" for application feed widgets fixed.
  • Site no longer crashes when adding both a training calendar and a department site events calendar to an app feed.
  • When using the blog feed, if the user does not select any blogs to pull from, the blog feed will now show results from all feeds rather than none.

Version 12.0.8 Patch Notes
Area Features Added
  • Admin > Security > AD login synchronization now offers an additional AD port field allowing site administrators to specify a custom port when configuring the AD sync.
Photo Albums
  • Introduced an auto-sizing feature to the Photo Albums application. This will allow administrators to pre-define the maximum width/height for uploaded photos.
Area Issues Resolved
  • Added validation on numbers that are too large for number, numeric formula, and mileage fields.
  • Improved handling for field triggers placed on checkbox fields in the Formbuilder application.
  • Message box fields will now automatically resize to fit the contained field value.
  • Added a "View Archives" link when viewing responses in the table view for a form if archiving is turned on.
  • Spreadsheet fields with help instructions should show when a user hovers over the help icon.
  • Form triggers on sections or fields should work and fire if default values are set as well on trigger fields.
  • Approval workflow notifications should be sent to the submitting user when responses are approved, rejected, or declined.
  • Support multiple application feeds targeting Photo Album apps on the same page.
  • Resolved an issue where the borders of a table were respected in the editor preview but not displayed when the widget was saved

Version 12.0.7 Patch Notes
Area Features Added
  • Form response data in email notifications and in exported PDFs will now more closely respect the layout and style of the form itself
  • Added support for Chrome Frame in Global Settings with an optional setting to prompt users on IE 8 or lower to install the plug-in. Chrome Frame will only execute on pages that specifically request it and is designed to be transparent to the end user. It allows for the highly responsive display of modern JavaScript-heavy interfaces that would otherwise perform poorly on IE 8 and earlier.
Area Issues Resolved
  • Improved CSV import handling for employee and login creation
  • Resolved a sporadic error which could occur when creating or updating full-text collections
  • Resolved minor IE 8 formatting issues
  • Prevented the vote history icon from displaying for anonymous users.
  • Items archived in application after the number of days set in the Whats New archive date field
Employee Directory
  • Removed the "Reports to Nobody" message displayed for a user that has no supervisor
  • Disabled users will now no longer appear in the printed directory
  • Resolved a display compatibility issue with IE 7
  • Resolved an error preventing the addition of an approval manager in the Advanced Options workflow interface
  • Improved handling of comments within workflow stages
  • Resolved an issue where the submitting user's approval manager selections during a decline and resubmit action could be incorrectly entered
  • Improved label and button spacing in the workflow tab
  • Resolved an error that occurred on deleting an alert for a deleted form response
  • Weather widgets will no longer trigger the "unsecured content" error on SSL secured sites
  • Resolved an issue where the borders of a table were respected in the editor preview but not displayed when the widget was saved

Version 12.0.6 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Fixed an issue with the CSV import functionality and changing the division of an existing employee.
  • Improved handling for synchronization with Exchange 2007.
  • Resolved a problem related to user sessions being terminated after closing the browser in scenarios where anonymous or windows authentication was possible.
  • Fixed an error related to merging orphaned employee profiles and logins.
  • Addressed a problem where enabling windows authentication and disabling AD synchronization prevented administrators from changing user login information through the software.
  • HTML Editor will no longer auto-grow and will present a contained scrollbar for users instead.
  • Resolved an error related to cloning department sites containing appbuilder applications containing an application feed that was not feeding any content.
  • Added Internet Explorer 7 handling for sites utilizing a left site-navigation.
  • Resolved a bug in relation to updating and replacing an uploaded files for existing items.
Employee Directory
  • Added the ability for employees to subscribe to applications that have not been added to the main site menu.
  • Implemented Windows XP, IE 8 specific handling for the employee card view to help resolve AJAX error from appearing.
  • Fixed an issue in relation to exporting 2100+ employees from the employee directory.
  • Resolved a problem in relation to administrators being unable to delete a department that was involved in the workflow of a form.
  • Fixed an issue in relation to sharing content with a short description exceeding 250 characters in length.
  • Added handling for form PDF exports to respect two-column layouts.
  • After-approval notification were not accurately reporting the approval status of a form.
  • Improved field drag-and-drop handling for users viewing the site on Internet Explorer 8.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from clicking the 'add row' button for a spreadsheeting form section.
  • Resolved an issue where the column widths for a form were not being respected in the outgoing email notifications.
  • Addressed a problem where the form table view was not respecting the applied field order/layout.
  • Resolved an issue where content fields were not appearing in a form's PDF export.
  • Fixed an issue related to multi-select field values not appearing in a form's PDF export when using Internet Explorer 9+.
  • Added PDF export handling to prevent private fields from appearing in the generated PDF file.
  • Field triggers were not triggering dependent field as expected.
  • Fixed several issues and errors related to searching through a collection of form responses.
  • Escalating the approval of a form response will now add the selected additional approval manager to the bottom of the approval managers list.
  • Resolved a problem where email fields were not validating as expected for anonymous users.
  • Addressed an issue where users were unable to submit a form containing validated text fields.
  • Application feed widgets were not respecting subfolder checkbox selections.

Version 12.0.5 Patch Notes

For clients running Internet Explorer 8 with the new form builder, click here for information on how you can improve your form load times.

Area Issues Resolved
  • Railo sites encounter an error when attempting to clone a department site.
  • Scheduled EULAs are not being triggered as expected.
  • Selecting Sync Interval on admin > Security > ad login synchronization does not present the expected number field.
  • Opening updated documents in appbuilder content repositories causes a warning message to appear.
  • File upload and link field labels in the List View now offer two different color options for the link text.
  • Users submitting content for approval were being redirected to the log in page immediately after submission.
  • Removed erroneous 'Security' section for applications utilizing the Content View.
Discussion Board
  • Advertising new topics result in an error.
  • Added handling for files being uploaded multiple times with the same file name.
Employee Training
  • Courses with 'Supervisor Approval' and 'Supervisor Notify' enabled result in supervisors to receive duplicate email notifications for a single registrant.
  • Implemented a new caching option to help improve performance for environments requiring IE 8 as the primary browser. To enable this feature, edit an existing form, click the Build tab, click the form properties button, and enable the 'Cache a copy of this form to improve load performance on older browsers (IE8 and lower)' setting.
  • Improved the stored procedures relating to the retrieval of form response data.
  • File uploads associated with specific form responses are not being included in the outbound email notifications.
  • Custom form submission messages do not display as expected when the 'All Submissions will be Anonymous' option is selected.
  • Advertising a form with a custom thumbnail results in an error.
  • Required private fields cause users to receive a warning pop-up preventing the submission of a form.
  • Supervisors with view rights to form responses are unable to view the expected form responses.
  • Application Toolbox > Print Page option is missing when viewing a form response.
  • Dropdown field options appear greyed out/italic and cannot be modified.
  • Disabled users appearing the workflow approval manager selection dropdown field.
  • AJAX error appears when submitting a form response or saving changes to an existing form.
  • Configuring an Application Feed to pull content from all of the folders in an application does not apply as expected.
  • Viewing the history for the What's New widget results in an error if the feed includes an advertised form link.
  • The Quick Search widget box, when used on a departmental application, results in a blank page.
  • Railo sites attempting to publish an image using the Image Embed widget encounter an error.

Version 12.0.4 Patch Notes
Area Features Added
  • Admins can now pre-define the disable date for an active user account. To use this feature, go to admin > Security > find logins and search for a user. On the profile configuration page, populate the Disable On field with the date in which the user will need to be disabled.
  • Upon logging in, anonymous users will now be taken to the last page they had visited prior to logging in. Previously, anonymous users were taken to the home page immediately after logging in.
  • Tests support a new 'Explanation' property for fields. For questions answered incorrectly, test submitters can now see the correct answer suplemented with an explanation.
Area Issues Resolved
Events Calendar
  • Resolved an error that appeared when updating items in a category with conflict checking enabled.
  • Addressed performance issues related to opening categories with content approval enabled.
  • Altered the behaviour of multi-select fields (ie, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes), for tests, to allow a score value of zero.
  • Fixed a problem related to formula fields in a spreadsheet not being able to dynamically calculate numerical values between different fields.
  • Resolved an error that would appear when attempting to perform a CSV export on form that was making use of the new spreadsheeting functionality.
  • Addressed a number of performance issues when viewing single responses and/or large response result sets. Our team has re-worked large portions of the stored procedures in the SQL database to help resolve this.
  • Rectified an issue related to 'User-defined' approval workflow stages being skipped when workflow triggers were implemented.
  • Fixed a problem related to using the multi-select field import option when hidden values were being used.
  • Added Last Edited By and Last Edited Date to the CSV export for a form.
  • Resolved a number of AJAX errors that would appear when approving a form response.
  • Introduced a new notification for approval managers when a declined form response has been re-submitted.
  • Rectified an issue related to private fields no longer appearing on form responses submitted by non-administrative users.
  • Resolved an issue pertaining to forms with the restart entire workflow on decline option unchecked. Despite this setting being disabled, form responses would start at the beginning of the workflow.
  • Addressed an error that would appear for forms that included formula fields that concatenated string field values.
  • Resolved an error that would appear when opening an Appbuilder item on a smartphone.
  • Fixed a stats error that would appear when attempting to view stats for the Formbuilder or Photo Albums applications.

Version 12.0.3 Patch Notes
Area Features Added
  • Using the admin > Applications > Create RSS Feeds feature, you can now create an RSS feed out of the What's New widget.
  • We have added a new layout option for the home page of your Appbuilder applications. The new 'content' view will allow your end-users to enter an application and completely by-pass the folder-tree. Instead, users will be presented with a complete list of items contained within the respective application. For ease-of-use, we have added a quick search at the top of the item list which is going to allow your end-users to quickly return the items they're after.
  • Viewing responses for a form will default to the table view.
  • Implemented pagination functionality for the form responses view. This can be enabled by editing the form, clicking the 'Views' tab and selecting the 'enable pagination' checkbox.
Area Issues Resolved
  • Resolved an Exchange Calendar synchronization issue that prevented events extending over a number of days from appearing once the initial start date had passed.
  • Resolved an error that appeared when attempting to create an Appbuilder application.
  • Fixed an issue related to the inability for users to sort form responses by clicking the different column headers.
  • Resolved an issue related to the user data fields displaying numbers instead of the submitting user's supervisor.
  • Rectified an issue related to site alerts resulting from workflow approvals being triggered. Clicking these site alerts resulted in non-admin users to be prompted with a login form.
  • Fixed an issue related to exporting form responses in the form of a CSV spreadsheet. The problem caused specific field labels to be split up in to different columns.
Site Search
  • Resolved an issue that prevented site-wide search results from being sorted according to the sort setting specified on the admin > Site Settings > Site Search Options page.
  • Resolved a problem with the bottom portion of widgets with rounded corners being truncated.

Version 12.0.2 Patch Notes
Area Features Added
  • Using the Employee Profiles widget, it is now possible to target specific divisions.
Area Issues Resolved
  • Fixed an error related to creating a subfolder with the 'inherit parent approval' option enabled.
Employee Directory
  • Resolved an issue that limited the usage of the keyboard arrow keys when looking to modify an employee status in Internet Explorer.
  • Patched an issue that prevented email notifications associated with a workflow from being triggered.
  • Corrected an error related adding a group to an approval stage using the 'All Managers in Order' option.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when submitting a form response to a form with conditional workflows.
  • Resolved an error that would occur when attempting to provide response view rights to a security group for a form.
  • Patched an issue affecting the ability to switch between imperial and metric units for the mileage field.
  • Corrected an issue affecting the ability to target custom data sources with the SQL query field.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the publication of forms residing in folders with advertising disabled.
Support Desk
  • Resolved an issue that prevented technicians from closing their tickets.

Version 12.0.1 Patch Notes
Area Features Added
Form Builder
  • Implemented a 'Site Alerts' option in the Workflow > Advanced Options area. Enabling this feature will send a site alert for users when an approval email or notification is sent.
  • Added a 'reset all pending workflows' button to the Workflow > Advanced Options area. Clicking this button will cause all submissions pending approval to restart from the beginning of the workflow. In conjunction with this feature, we added a new 'Reset Pending Workflow Email' email notification which will be sent to the form submitters affected by the reset. The content for this email notification can be modified through the Workflow > Advanced Options > Workflow Emails area of a specific form.
  • Introduced a 'Ignore global folder level permissions' option under the Security tab. With the exception of super admins and form owners, this option prevents any user from administering, viewing responses for a form.
  • Implemented a 'days of history retained' option on the System Alerts & Live Chat page which allows adminsitrators to specify the length of time that chat history should be logged for before being purged.
Area Issues Resolved
Admin Site
  • Added 'go to app' link to 'Manage Categories' interface for 'Feature' applications.
Department Sites
  • Fixed an error that would appear when adding a new menu item on a department site that was utilizing the left navigation.
  • Resolved an error related to opening uploaded PDFs for sites that had 'stats' enabled.
  • Fixed an upgrade issue related to the migration of existing radio button/dropdown options to the new Formbuilder module.
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