Intranet Connections 12.5 Patches

Table of Contents
  • 12.5.17 -- Released Feb 3rd, 2016
  • 12.5.16 -- Released Aug 17th, 2015
  • 12.5.15 -- Released May 19th, 2015
  • 12.5.14 -- Released Mar 2nd, 2015 
  • 12.5.13 -- Released Dec 22nd, 2014
  • 12.5.12 -- Released on Oct 23rd, 2014
  • 12.5.11 -- Released Sept 19th, 2014
  • 12.5.10 -- Released July 28th, 2014
  • 12.5.9 -- Released May 22nd, 2014
  • 12.5.8 -- Released April 3rd, 2014
  • 12.5.7 -- Released March 20th, 2014
  • 12.5.6 -- Released February 26th, 2014
  • 12.5.5 -- Released February 4th, 2014
  • 12.5.4 -- Released January 20th, 2014
  • 12.5.3 -- Released Dec 23rd, 2013
  • 12.5.2 -- Released November 13th, 2013
Patching Instructions

Method One -- Download Patch Through Admin Interface

  1. Go to admin > Setup
  2. Click download
  3. Wait for the download to complete, click install
  4. Allow the patch process to complete

Method Two -- Download Patch Manually

  1. Click here to download the latest patch manually.
  2. Navigate to admin > Setup
  3. Locate and click, [click here] to upload file
  4. Select the downloaded patch file (Do not Unzip)
  5. Click install
  6. Allow the patch process to complete
Version 12.5.17 Patch Notes

Notable Changes:
  • New Export All feature for form responses allows you to export all form responses as a .csv, instead of being restricted to just the current page.
Version 12.5.16 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Performance improvements for installations with thousands of form responses.
  • Top menu will now expand vertically when menu text wraps due to fixed menu section widths

A new Export All feature for form responses is also available as a post patch hotfix. This allows you to export all form responses as a .csv, instead of being restricted to just the current page. Please see full article for details.

Version 12.5.15 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Anniversary lookup page in Employee Directory now shows new employees and anniversary year.
  • New "not equal to" option for workflow stage triggers.
Version 12.5.14 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Conflict checking in Calendars was checking against recurring declined items
  • Viewing form responses now consistently sort newest to oldest


Version 12.5.13 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Conflict checking in Calendars was checking against recurring declined items
  • For recurring event approvals, only the first day was visible after approval
  • Multiple issues with CSV import into applications has now been resolved
  • For customers with thousands of form responses, better response time for related pages
  • A few employee fields set not to display in profile where still being displayed in the employee card view.


Version 12.5.12 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Due to performance issues, the navigation control to navigate between form responses is no longer available if you have sorted the table response view by any field other than System Date or Submitted By (see more details in full article on Patch 12 changes)
  • Update to latest Weather Widget API
  • Prevention of editing pages in such a way that results in "Please wait" message never disappearing on subsequent edits.
  • Fixed issue where widgets set to display in the future never displayed
  • Secure LDAP (SLDAP) is now supported for Active Directory
  • After a form is set to draft mode, approval managers can now still approve pending responses. The administrator can also fill out the form while in draft mode.
  • .ICS file generated by Add to Outlook icon in Events Calendar and Training can now also be imported to Google calendar
Click here for the full article on Patch 12 changes.


Version 12.5.11 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Cutting and pasting content from MS Word no longer breaks widget pages
  • Links in emails regarding pending approvals fixed.
  • When automatic approval is turned on, submitter is no longer notified of request
  • Restored edit functionality of Daily Tips widget
  • Employee cards now respecting fields marked as hidden for employee profile.
Click here for the full article on Patch 11 changes.


Version 12.5.10 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Automatic approval (when submitter is the same person as the approval manager) no longer sends notifications to the submitting user
  • Fixed security permissions for page owners who are not site owners
  • Fixed multiple issues with various widgets
Click here for the full article on Patch 10 changes.


Version 12.5.9 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Faster load times on Admin Setup screen.
  • New category/sub-category date conflict option has been added to Events Calendar, suitable for divisible room bookings
  • Updating of items will now no longer causes the displayed item in application feed widgets or what's new feed widgets to change position
Click here for the full article on Patch 9 changes.


Version 12.5.8 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Fixed error where export of form response as PDF may include approval history from another response
    Click here for more details.
  • Fixed error when trying to edit pages in CF8
Area Issues Resolved
  • Typo in warning popup when user moves parent page in the hierarchy
  • Script for deletion from EmployeeWallFavorite was not covering all the cases.
Support Desk
  • Creating a Support Desk application caused an error
  • Corrected an error applying security to a form in support desk
  • Form fields on a form response are not populated due to a js error.
  • Correction to the pdf export showing approval history, it was displaying the wrong history.
  • Widgets are not expiring on pages when the end date passes.
  • For some users the session.user.issiteowner varibale is not populated when they first visit the site and the error to the right occurs.
  • The left nav is not showing up on mobile browsers.
  • Add bidirectional lang plugin to CK and configure toolbar groups similar to 11.5
  • Site search encounters error in searching for items when on Verity.
  • Menu Widget Editing, CF 8 issue resolved
  • Fix an issue where mobile users are redirected to the home page when clicking on a link pointing to a mobile page from a non-mobile site using a mobile browser.
Version 12.5.7 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Performance improvements.
  • Added a data import utility in the administrative interface for applications based off of appbuilder.
  • Added the ability to exclude archived items from site-wide search results in the administrative interface for applications based off of appbuilder. The feature is Toolbox > App Admin > Properties > Site Search.
Area Issues Resolved
  • Resolved an error related to adding a group as a folder owner.
  • Resolved an error related to the removal of a mailbox from the Exchange synchronization configuration interface.
  • Resolved an error related to the link included in the password reset email notification.
  • Resolved an error related to the "Remove AD Disabled Users" dialog pop-up offered on the AD synchronization configuration interface..
  • Resolved an issue related to the statistics module failing to track hits on links to external sites.
  • Resolved an issue related to the disabled AD users remaining active in Intranet Connections.
  • Resolved an error related to the creation of a new application based on a blank template.
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in unexpected behaviour when the Title field was set as the header in the Item View of an application.
  • Resolved an issue related to users not receiving email alerts for folders in appbuilder-based applications.
  • Resolved an error related specifically to ColdFusion 8 environments when trying to load the Home View of an appbuilder application.
  • Resolved an error related to the modification of the setting that controls how long an employee remains on the What's New widget after being advertised.
  • Resolved an issue resulting in the removal of tags for recurring events when a child event was modified.
  • Resolved an issue related to private fields in spreadsheet sections not being saved in draft form properly.
  • Resolved an issue related to double-quote symbols appearing when exporting a form result set to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Resolved an error related to the submission of a form with a workflow that includes a notification stage that has the 'Send email notifications from the submitting user rather than from the system administrator.' setting enabled.
  • Resolved an issue related to form results being ordered incorrectly when pagination was enabled.
  • Resolved an issue related to users with the 'Global Permissions do not Apply' setting enabled not being able to view the landing page of the home site.
  • Added Blackberry 10 detection to the mobile-friendly site.
  • Resolved an issue related to top navigation menus that exceeded the available real estate (width of the site).
  • Resolved an issue related to the name of the site appearing twice in the breadcrumbs when accessing a site's child-page.
  • Resolved an issue related to site owners not having access to the expected administrative options in their Toolbox menu.
  • Resolved an issue related to disabled users appearing in the reporting sections of the Training Calendar.
  • Resolved an issue related to older content appearing at the top of an Application Feed that was selecting from multiple Discussion Board, Photo Albums or Appbuilder applications.
  • Resolved an error related to the modification of links in a Menu widget on a Widgets Page.
  • Resolved an AJAX error related to viewing the event details of an event synchronized from Exchange.
  • Resolved an issue related to the height setting not appearing as expected in the settings of widgets.
  • Resolved an issue related to Message Box widget changes not saving properly.
  • Resolved an issue related to the Application Feed widget not displaying photos pulled from a Photo Albums application as expected.
  • Resolved an issue related to modifications being made to the Site Tasks widget when placed in the site navigation column.
  • Resolved an issue related to the last two widgets in a three-column layout swapping places after saving.
Version 12.5.6 Patch Notes
Notable Changes:
  • Significant performance improvements for sites with large number of menu items in the left navigation pane
  • New advanced option in workflow designer allows automatic approval of content/forms if approval manager is the same as the submitting user. Only applicable when approval manager is sole approving authority for workflow.
Area Issues Resolved
  • Permissions popup error when trying to apply category permissions
  • Batch permission management popup when managing category security was broken
  • Toolbox options have incorrect links when no folder context in Formbuilder approval view
  • Automatically approve items if the submitting user is the manager of the only stage
  • Workflow user choice for all users should not show alert to select user
  • Advertise options in should not display on input form by default before a folder is selected
  • Users that are not employees should not show up in the direct reports list
  • Could not edit picture of AD synced employee when HTML type field was mapped
  • Printed List should show for anonymous users
  • Print of colored events calendar encounters an error
  • Calls to resize spreadsheet sections b/c of triggers to layout change should remember scroll position of section
  • Folder errors when the category list passed to it is empty.
  • Marketplace error - corrected scope of variables that was causing an error if advertise is off
  • Discussion forum error when viewing items with pagination turned on
  • Layout issues in IE7 with menus, widgets, etc.
  • Login redirect fix and permission fix for globally restricted users
  • Correction of special characters in the tags autocomplete
  • Fixed permission checking algorithm with secured sites and made performance optimizations
  • JS errors in IE8 and lower when editing workflow
  • An error is thrown when attempting to edit a support form in the support desk app on a secured site.
  • People show up as registered for employee training even if they have been removed from the system and no longer exist in user profile
  •   Menu builder not allowing linking to UNC file paths
  • HTML editor (CKEditor) change plugin and event handling is slow in older browsers and with larger documents
  • Daily tips widget should support rich HTML editing of tips
  • Cannot edit site task widget security
Version 12.5.5 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Permission check error when non-admin user tries to delete a folder
  • Exit Admin link does not work in IE 9 and lower as table tags inside anchor tags are not respected
  • There was an error copying a site
  • Permission management at folder level not exposing add, edit, or delete permissions
  • Corrected the site footer on the appbuilder checkin form
  • Blogs application titles should be prefixed with the site name
  • Only enforce time validation on events if not recurring daily or weekdays
  • Adding a user data field to a form and targeting the custom code field resulted in an AJAX error
  • Error when adding file upload or link forms to folder with workflow enabled
  • Formbuilder was not setting field heights correctly 100% of the time when laying out fields that did not span the full section width causing them to not line up correctly
  • The default value should have displayed field on a trigger on loading the form
  • Some pending items were being hidden after upgrade
  • CKEditor is missing the custom insert media plugin
  • CKEditor 4 with advanced content filter enabled prevents Insert Media from working and strips HTML from content
  • Comments not loading, cannot be added or edited 
  • Menu hover issues on iOS Safari/ mobile browsers.
  • There was an error saving a site theme
  •   Menu builder screen should disable scrolling to prevent build tool from being positioned outside viewable area
  • Cannot edit sub site home widget page that had two widgets in the same box post upgrade
  • Client had "" for categories in site advertising widget which caused an error "Invalid data null for CFSQLTYPE CF_SQL_INTEGER"
  • Custom code widgets that throw an exception shouldn't prevent rendering of widget interfaces or editing of them
  • Widget settings not saved correctly when aggregating Events and Training application data into a single widget
  • corrected the [show all] in blog and application selection for the feed widgets
  • error when the photo album widget was set to random
Version 12.5.4 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Support auto expanding of comments on items and fix issues with comments editor in Photo Albums
  • Option to include/exclude employees from site wide search was not saving
  • Folder security management error when folder owner removes permissions for users/groups
  • Corrections to personal theme interface
  • User cannot login on ColdFusion environments when global navigation is large enough and long text buffer on datasource does not allow for session rotation to occur
  • Changes to menu color in simple theme editor not reflected in menu widgets when inheriting home site style
  • Cannot turn off web services in Railo environments
  • Stats should not limit date range selection to 90 days for day time frame
  • Theme related error when determining color luminosity and an invalid hex color is entered
  • There was an error copying a site
App Builder
  • Error when checking in document has been corrected
  • Error when opening list of read confirm users if the title of the item has single quotes
  • Pagination options for Appbuilder apps exhibits strange UI layout on IE 8
  • Appbuilder search screen presented duplicate options in Toolbox for layout editing
  • Fixed issues with edit interface for widgets in my profile area
  • Directory header display option has error after uploading a graphic
Form Builder
  • Corrections to delete icons in forms from search results
  • Form responses were not displaying properly due to a checkbox that had a tab character in the option value
  • Make sure the user defined selections are being passed to form response workflow
  • Restart workflow after decline was not creating triggers
  • Do not show folder approvals for deleted forms
  • Activating hidden values on option type fields would give save error message upon first editing an option afterwards
  • The default value should have displayed field on a trigger on loading the form
  •   Error updating a training course when no contact selected
  • Script errors caused by custom code or message box widgets prevent widget edit UI from loading
  • The Getting Started widget on new site home pages is ColdFusion encoded on Railo sites
  • Wasn't able to add a link to a menu widget on a widget page
  • Corrected the links from the widgets to the exchange settings
  • Anonymous submission of survey poll widgets was not working
Version 12.5.3 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Error occurred when deleting an application (Forums or Training) because expected DB views did not exist
  • Site owners should not be able to alter the home site theme (which is the intranet default for all sites)
  • Application delete lock was being enforced even when it was turned off for an user who was not a super admin
  • Non super admin trying to delete site gets error related to app delete lock password when it is not turned on
  • Inconsistent view styles and word wrap issues on scheduled blog posts
  • User profile settings Site Colors area presented an error when opened
Menu Builder
  • Menu builder experienced JS errors b/c CKEditor was not properly destroyed when the build tool was closed/refreshed.  Several bugs were fixed as well
  • Menu builder should display scheduled and expired widgets in mega menus
  • CKEditor used for rich HTML editing was experiencing JS errors when editing mega menus
  • Users were seeing menu items that they didn't have permission to view any content inside of if all folders in an unsecured app were secured
  • Wrong title displayed in What's New archives area when clicking "view more" from the widget
  • Should not show validation warning on User Choice approval stages after managers have been selected
  • Should see that there is an Advanced Options area even if you haven't configured any workflow
Version 12.5.2 Patch Notes
Area Issues Resolved
  • Invalid link to Sitewide Icons from Site Design tab.
  • Pages that display more than 100 subsites resulted in page load delays.
  • Title fields configured to point to a file upload or link address field were not being migrated to the cloned version of the application.
  • Stats module produced an error when attempting to create a tracking report.
  • Non-administrators were unable to delete applications when the application delete lock was enabled even after entering the correct password.
  • Saving a declined form response resulted in an error.
  • Approval managers were unable to view form responses requiring their approval unless explicit view access was provided.
  • Date fields were not being saved correctly.
  • Non-administrators attempting to view the archives for What's New were encountering an error.
  • Applications were not appearing as selectable options when adding new items to the menu.
  • Pages with Message Boxes were resulting in the build tool to function unexpectedly.
  • HTML Editor not initializing for Message Box widgets.
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