Version 12.5 (MEGA) Upgrade

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Version 12.5 (MEGA) Upgrade

Version 12.5 is now available.

This version allows you to create unlimited widget pages, add mega menus, expands the form workflow functionality to other applications, and introduces Mega Menus. Functionality to override form colors and font has also been added. Click here for more details.

Upgrading Instructions
Before upgrading please review how this upgrade will change existing functionality - See the Change log here. Changes to menu layouts may affect how your site appears to end users after upgrade.
Browser Compatibility

Administrators and site owners are required to have Chrome, Firefox, or IE 9 or higher.

End user compatibility for IE 7 is still in progress, and is known to have issues in some installations.
If you have users who can not upgrade from IE 7, please contact us before upgrading.

This release is compatible with the following versions of ColdFusion. 

Coldfusion 10.0
ColdFusion 9.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.2 (9.0 clients are encouraged to upgrade to 9.0.1)
ColdFusion 8.0.1 (8.0 clients are encouraged to upgrade to 8.0.1)

This version is also compatible with the Opensource platform "Railo" as an alternative to ColdFusion.

This version is compatible with SQL installations 2005+ only. SQL Express is fully supported.

  1. Read about the new features in the Feature Guide
  2. Learn about how to manage the new features in the Administrator's Guide
  3. Confirm you are running Intranet Connections Version 12.0 and CF 8.0.1 or later 
  4. If web services is not enabled, Download the Upgrade - Last updated July 9th, 2015
  5. Make a backup of your site files and your site database
  6. Open a new browser session and visit the intranet site
  7. Go to the admin > Site Settings area
  8. Locate and click, 'click here to upload file'
  9. Select the downloaded upgrade file
  10. Click install
  11. Allow the upgrade process to complete
  12. If your upgrade encounters an error your site will revert to an operational 12.0 version. Please contact support.

Note: A restart of the ColdFusion Application Server service is recommended after a successful upgrade.

As always if you experience any installation issues, would like to report a bug or have feedback about new functionality, please contact us at

The SQBox Team


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