Version 12.5 Change Log

This article describes changes to existing functionality the the Mega (V12.5) release, and should be reviewed as part of the decision to upgrade. Benefits of the new release and documentation are available on the general release announcement page.

Redesigned Administration Screens

The pages to manage sites and applications have be significantly improved. Please see the Administrator’s Guide for how to use the new screens.

Older Internet Explorer Compatibility

Administrators or site owners who edit pages and access administrative functions are required to be on IE 9 or later, Chrome or Firefox.

Regular users should be on IE 8 or later. Note that starting with version 12.0, large forms (requires vertical scrolling to complete) can have performance issues for users on IE 8 or earlier. This can be mitigated using the form caching option for older browsers. However, it is recommended performance of large forms is tested for users in IE 8 before upgrading the production system to 12.0 or later.

If your organization still has users on IE 7, it is recommended you upgrade a test site before upgrading production. Because IE 7 is difficult to test, your site may have rendering issues not uncovered in our testing.

Left Side Menu Only for Home Page No Longer Supported

If on your site the left side menu is only shown for the home page, and hidden on all other pages, after upgrade, the left menu will be shown for all pages. To check to see if you will be affected, please check if Pin Left Column is unchecked under Admin, Site Design, Edit Widgets.

It is recommended that you move the home page only left menu widgets either into the top menu, or as a widget on the home page, and then remove the left menu. Menu widgets can now be added to any page.

Right Side Menu Being Depreciated

In version 12.0, the right side column on a department site was shown on the home page and other HTML pages, but not on other pages in the site. In version 12.5, we are encouraging customers to move department site navigation into the left side menu, and moving global navigation to the top menu. Widgets that were previously in the right side menu will be moved to the home page of the department site on upgrade, and the right side menu will no longer be visible on other pages in the department site.

Right Side Menu Formatting Changed

In version 12.0, the formatting of menu items in a right column had a “button like” appearance. After upgrade, the formatting of these menu items will change to match the left column.

Column Site Widths Now Enforced

In Version 12.0, if content such as an image was wider than the left or right column, the column width would automatically expand to fit the content. The set width of the left and right menu columns are now strictly enforced, and columns will no longer dynamically expand based on content width. If after upgrade your columns appear too narrow, you will have to increase the widths (Admin, Design, Global Site Layout, left & right column widths).


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