Form PDF Export with Approval History Issue

In some cases, the approval history included in the PDF form export is being populated from the wrong form response. The data in database is unaffected, but the PDF may contain the wrong approval history. This error was introduced with Version 12.5 Patch 6, and also affects customers on Patch 7. It does not affect other versions. It has been corrected in Patch 8.

Am I Affected?

This issue only affect customers in the following situation:

  • Currently on Version 12.5
  • AND are currently on Patch 6 or Patch 7
  • AND have exported form responses as PDFs with approval history option turned on
  • AND have reset the workflow on any form in the past (either manually or through reset workflow on decline option)

Version and Patch Information is available on the Admin, Setup Page. If you Version number is NOT 12.5.6 or 12.5.7 you are unaffected.


To test if you have been affected:

  1. Fill out of form that is normally exported as PDF with approval history
  2. Approve with a comment
  3. Export as PDF and check if approval history contains the entered comment

If the exported PDF contains the correct approval history, all previous exported PDFs will also be correct. Other than applying Patch 8, no further action is required.

If the approval history is not correct, all exported PDFs with approval history exported after Patch 6 or 7 was applied may contain the wrong approval history. After applying Patch 8, these PDFs will have to be re-exported.

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