Version 12.5 Patch 9

Patch 9 for Version 13.0 fixes a number of small issues throughout the product. Complete log available at the bottom of this article.

Common Issues

Commonly encountered issued resolved include:

  • Foreign key error when adding a new application
  • Slow response time on Admin screens
  • New accounts in AD not synchronizing

New/Changed Functionality

New Events Calender Date Conflict Checking Option

In Events Calendar, a new date conflicting option has been added. In addition to checking for overlapping category or sub-category events, you can now optionally check for overlaps between categories and sub-categories.

This useful when the sub-categories are physical components of the category. For instance, if the category is "Room A", and the sub-categories are Side A and Side B, this new option prevents Side A or Side B from being booked if Room A is already booked, or Room A from being booked if Side A or Side B is already booked.


Option 1: Prevent overlap of events with the same category and sub-category

date conflict checking works exactly the same as prior to the patch

Option 2: Also prevent overlaps between category and any sub-category events

new functionality as described above


What's New (Advertising) and Application Feed Ordering Change

The ordering of items displayed in the What's New Feed widget and Application Feed widgets is now consistent.

  • What's New (Advertising) Feed widget now always orders by Advertise On date, and displays Advertise On Date
  • Application Feed widget now always order by Publish date, and displays Publish Date

With these changes, the ordering of items in both What's New and Application feed will not change by default when you edit an item.

  • If you want to "bump" an item back to the top of the What's New Feed, set the Advertise Date to now.
  • Similarly, if you want to "bump" an item back to the top of an Application Feed widget, set the Publish Date to now. 

Please read this article for more details.


 Version 12.5 Patch 9 Change Log


Admin Simple theme edit icon in header was not clickable 
User & group permissions report entries for Support Desk form view linked to incorrect admin screen
App toolbox not showing when a site layout with no site header is selected.
All web service calls should timeout if longer than 1 second and we shouldn't call the maintenance expiry check if web services are turned off
Correction to creation of FK in creating applications
Corrected an error submitting the properties form for recipes
Cannot assign site owner permissions using assign elevated rights utility in Security area of admin site
Two frame layouts should not render a global top navigation area
Appbuilder Appbuilder items pending approval and set to advertise do not show in whats new after approval
IE and Firefox was not displaying the background of an embedded media after editing
Appbuilder multiple file upload does not respect title field link option when uploading files
There was an error attempting to check in a file in appbuilder if there was edit approval workflow and a stage without a user
Restoring an appbuilder field was not doing anything
App feed widget settings are not retained at sub folder level
Blogs Site owners are unable to create/manage blogs for sites that they own.
Blogs screen to manage user & group members was incorrectly populated in secured sites
Employee Directory Error in Org Chart when user set as their own Supervisor (from AD)
Discussion Forums Publishing to discussion forum categories with advertising disabled resulted in an exception
Events Added another conflict checking option to Events calendar for sub-dividable resources (eg. room with two sides)
Events had an error editing an item that used to be a series
Default value data for option type fields caused issues with triggered sections
Browsing form responses using a table sort on a custom form field caused an error
Radio or checkbox fields with numerous options could cause rendering issues in HTML or PDF formats
jQuery UI upgrade introduced case-sensitivity to some events breaking multiple usage of mileage calculator in forms
A declined response was not able to be resubmitted
Private fields in forms sometimes caused issues with PDF/email export of response data
Correction to the permissions in workflow for stage edit
General Fix AD sync issue related to users disabled in AD
Fix CF 8 bug.
Add 100px of padding to the layout container in order to accommodate a calendar control placed at the bottom of the page in a fixed layout.
Error when adding RSS feed with no title.
Error after upgrade with links that used to redirect
Top frame logo, icons, and search layout should be the essentially the same as previous version
When "Global permissions do not apply" is enabled for a user that user is unable to preform a global search.
Preview close and application edit icons overlap when previewing an app builder layout.
Applications that have no globally viewable folders in a secured site should not show in navigation for users with site view access only
Application of security on global navigation was skipping first menu section
Cannot Generate User Permissions Report for Administrators
Job Postings Corrected an error when submitting a resume when ratings is disabled
Pages Moving pages drop down is cut off when editing pages near the bottom of the browser
Support Desk Security popup for Support Desk form with several entries was not scrollable
Public forms were not visible to non-admin users and users without any rights to any secure forms could see all forms (secure or public).
The support desk publish dialog cuts off the right side the the dialog content including the publish button.
Sites Site owners unable to add pages to their site
Menu the color associated with the header of the subsite menus disappears when a new site is added
Training Encounter error printing training calendar using the printer icon.
Widgets Default target behavior in appbuilder not represented on what's new/app feeds widget.
Messagebox table does not align center when the property to center it is set.
Flash/video files overlap menu and build tool
Application feeds with a blank Item Count would generate an error
Custom code and message box widgets using JS document.write cause issues with edit interface

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