Version 12.5 Patch 10

Common Issues

Commonly encountered issued resolved include:

  • Fixed security permissions for page owners who are not site owners
  • Fixed multiple issues with various widgets

New/Changed Functionality

Automatic Approval and Notifications

When workflow approval is turned on for a Documents Library and other applications, there is an option to automatically approve the submissions of all items if the submitter is the same person as the approval manager.  In these circumstances, we no longer send the user notifications, as the item is automatically approved.

 Version 12.5 Patch 10 Change Log

5646 Increased timeout limit from 300 to 900 seconds when trying to download a patch.
5674 System will check for valid email addresses before sending welcome email message for new account.
5677 Administrator will no longer be logged out when they stop impersonation when viewing user's alerts.
5678 BAPPOWNER error when app owner assigning permissions has been fixed.
5685 CLONEDMENUID error during scheduled process has been fixed.
5695 Non-site owners with permission to edit page rights no longer see error when viewing page permissions.
5708 Fixed issue where page owner could not modify permissions of homesite page.
5743 Finding all logins with site owner elevated rights was not returning any results.
5726 Bad link to item in notification emails of pending approvals fixed.
Appbuilder / Document Repository
5764 BAPPOWNER error when importing users from .csv fixed.
5811 In some ColdFusion environments, the "continue" button when importing data from .csv would not respond.
5769 Restored folder count missing from App home screen when using the "simple list' folder option.
5781 VERSIONING error fixed when setting home view to content layout
5819 WORKFLOWSETIDTEMPLATE error fixed when preview application layout change using flat folder list view
5666 Issue with open in new window vs. current window for uploaded files was fixed.
5618 Approval link in site alerts for events did not take the user to the event view page
5649 When editing color codes, existing color codes now show up by default, instead of having to click "add more" first.
5749 Resolved error when saving calendar events with recurring days.
5700 Blog design showing duplicate elements. Patch fixes the issue, but DB script needs to be run to remove duplicate elements.
Company Store
5752 Fixed error in adding new item to company store.
Employee Directory
5682 Links to items from user alerts / notifications needed to be fixed.
5686 Advanced search screen in employee directory was display HTMLcode instead of HTML output.
5702 Employee card preview when editing fields as not respecting the hiding of some fields.
5751 When editing an employee, changing both the department and division at the same time would cause the division not to be saved.
5766 "Printed List" from employee directory now respects disabled fields.
5784 New wall posts in some environments were causing AJAX errors.
5812 When employee cards are sorted by First Name, Last Name, secondary sort by last name was not being performed.
Discussion Board
5737 Fixed error when editing a reply on a discussion forum post.
5622 Fixed error in submitting forms with workflow and private drop down fields.
5625 Fixed layout positioning of side-by-side toggled sections
5681 Fixed form approval dialog positioning on mobile devices
5692 Fixed Javascript error during form load in ColdFusion.
5690 Fixed issue in drag and drop designer where dragged field not inserted in correct position.
5714 Form responses viewed via filtered search now correctly respecting "label above" feature and long lists of checkboxes.
5753 Remove requirement to enter a formula in formula field before it could be deleted.
5636 Invalid ascii characters no longer prevent the editing of widget pages.
5668 Fixed security issue where chat feature would prevent session timeout security feature from working correctly.
5498 Automatic approvals no longer sent notifications to submitter
5735 Performance speed improvements in workflow queries
5783 Performance speed improvements in security checks
Job Center
5744 Corrected error workflow required supervisor approval, but poster has no supervisor.
5767 Tags on content pages were not being saved.
5808 Secured page icon was being displayed on pages not secured.
5630 Restored option to show search toolbox on homepage only.
5494 Items missing from search results were restored.
Support Desk
5634 Allow support desk submitting when  list of users greater than 2100.
5655 Fixed error when creating a form in support desk.
5683 Some security groups were not being displayed for setting security.
5619 Fixed error when trying to save an empty daily tips widget
5564 Restored ability to edit daily tips widget
5658 Fixed display error in Whats New widget on non-home site
5543 Changes to application feed widgets sometimes resulted in primary key violation exceptions   
5696 Menu widgets were rendered with incorrect padding on widget pages   
5730 Fixed issue with relative image links in image widget and site's web rrot
5742 Added data from removed poll widgets to "Show all poll and results"
5755 Fixed display issue with employee profiles widget
5761 Fixed display issue with blog feed widget
5728 Fixed dispaly issue with employee profile widget and double quotes in name
5796 Fixed issue with menu widget toggle when no left navigation
5823 Birthday widget's "show weekend events" only applies when single day display is selected.
5733 Edit widget link now hidden after first click, to prevent error where edit link was clicked when already in edit mode.

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