Version 12.5 Patch 12

Common Issues

Commonly encountered issued resolved include:

  • Prevention of editing pages in such a way that results in "Please wait" message never disappearing on subsequent edits.
  • Fixed issue where widgets set to display in the future never displayed.
  • Loading of an individual form response now much faster after sorting by a custom field

New/Changed Functionality

Removal of Form Response Navigation Controls After Custom Field Sort

When viewing form responses, you change the sort order in the Response Table View by clicking the field names added to the table layout.


If you have sorted by the system fields (Submission Date or Submitted By), when you click on the icon to view a response, the response navigation controls are displayed in the upper right, and sort by either the Submission Date or Submitted By.


However, if you have sorted by any other field, the response navigation controls are no longer available. This makes it much faster to load individual responses when a custom sort order has been selected, and there are a large number of form responses. If you need to view the next response in your custom sort order, use the back button on your browser to return to the table response view, and select the next response from the sorted table. If this will be an issue for you, please contact customer support before patching ( ).

 Update of Weather Widget

The current weather widget depends on DeCarta to provide the weather information. DeCarta is depreciating an older version of their API, and this patch will update all customers to the new API. The majority of customers will not see a visible difference, however, if you weather widget stops displaying information, you may have set the city again after update.

Other Changes

  • Secure LDAP (SLDAP) is now supported for Active Directory
  • After a form is set to draft mode, approval managers can now still approve pending responses. The administrator can also fill out the form while in draft mode. To do so click Edit first, and then click on the Form Title (you can not click on Form Title in Published Items view to start submission).
  • .ICS file generated by Add to Outlook icon in Events Calendar and Training can now also be imported to Google calendar
  • In Application search, searching without specifying keywords now returns all results instead of no results

 Version 12.5 Patch 12 Change Log

6081 Fixed CSV employee import mapping error when “,” in field name.
6017  LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) is now supported.
App Builder  
6102 In app builder, searching without enter keywords now returns all results instead of no results.
6073 Fixed error adding blog members.
6094 Fixed issue when publishing blog posts with subscriptions.
Company Store  
6009 Fixed issue adding global view permissions to company store resolved
6019 Fixed issue setting permissions on company store.
6161 Fixed issue where Copied Site was using original’s theme instead of their own.
Events Calendar and Training  
6084 .ics file generated after clicking Add to Outlook button can now also be imported into Google Calendar
6000 Fixed issue where updating recurring events with “Advertise Recurring Events” option on would cause all recurring events to immediately be displayed in What’s New widget.
6092 Performance improved when trying to approve calendar events with thousands of records.  
Form Builder  
 6023 Deleted forms are now omitted from search.
6066 Radio buttons are now correctly displayed in PDF export of a form response.
6148 Form responses pending approvals are now still visible even after a form is set to draft mode.
 6159 Fixed HTML codes being displayed in workflow notifications when site wide email option is set to message format: plain text.
6101 When viewing response table, sorting by dropdown field fixed to sort alphabetically.
6031 Enforced prerequisite of having at least one category when trying to create an approval workflow for a calendar.
6002 Secured sites now correctly display login page when user accesses the site using a bookmark.
6142 Cross Site Script vulnerability remedied in App search pages & WDSL functions no longer return function descriptions
Graphics / Photo Application  
  Fixed issue where download button always returned first image.
Menu Designer  
6007 Fixed issue where menu items would hide their text on hover.
6015 Fixed link in app header when displaying external links embedded in site.
6064 Fixed issue where background colors were different in design mode.
6076 Fixed issue where Build Tool Dialog became unmovable.
6156 Fixed issue where when choosing link for a menu item, two items where displayed on the same line.
  Fixed issue with menu widget item ordering in ColdFusion.
Page Designer / Widgets
5998  Fixed issue where “Please wait” never returns.
6005 Fixed error with weather widget for some locations.
6016 Fixed issue in Firefox where edit icon was not clickable.
6074 Weather widget now works on https secured sites.
6079 Fixed issue with category selection of application feed widget.
6124 Fixed issue where widgets set to display in the future where not being displayed at the appropriate time.
6140 Fixed issue preventing posting on a wall.
5965 Special characters will no longer generate errors during search.
Support Desk
6003 Fixed error managing a support desk form if there were not any users allowed to view it
6144 Fixed issue when publishing a form in support desk for cloned applications
Training Calendar
6097 Fixed issue in adding/deleting items in training calendar.

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