Version 12.5 Patch 13

Common Issues

Commonly encountered issued resolved include:

  • Conflict checking in Calendars was checking against recurring declined items
  • For recurring event approvals, only the first day was visible after approval
  • Multiple issues with CSV import into applications has now been resolved
  • For customers with thousands of form responses, better response time for related pages
  • A few employee fields set not to display in profile where still being displayed in the employee card view.

New/Changed Functionality

Active Directory

  • General performance improvements
  • EmployeeID field can now be added as an Active Directory field mapping option
  • Changes in a user name in Active Directory no longer require a Force Re-synch (will be picked up during the scheduled AD synchronization).

Top Frame Font Appearance

There is a custom setting in Admin, Design, Advanced Editor for setting the font and size of the Admin, My Profile, Stats, Logout links. These custom values were previously not being respected.
After applying this patch, if the size or font of these links change, you can fix it by setting the correct values. See image below.

 Version 12.5 Patch 13 Change Log

6176 Layout option link was incorrectly being show for non App Builder apps..
6175 Fixed issue with uploading employee photos using the CSV import too.
6203 Fixed foreign key error when deleting a site.
6215 Fixed an old link to site theme designer in administration screens.  
6228 Fixed issue in Railo where Stats not correctly recording IP address of users  
6263 During impersonation, if user get redirected to the login screen, impersonation will automatically be stopped after user logs in again.  
6224 With Exchange Calendar Widget, now supports logins using "domain\user" instead of just email address  
6273 With top frame menu links (admin, my profile, stats, logout) now respecting custom font size and font family settings  
6275 AD sync no longer puts administrator's name as author of employee records (which was showing up in search)  
6279 Fixed issue where App Owners could edit widgets outside of the application  
App Builder  
6172 Fixed issue with CF10.014 where HTML code was being rendered on Item labels
6243 CSV Import: imported items now have published date set, allowing them to be searchable by non-admin users (includes 6268)
6268 If published date is missing for any reason, still allow search results to be returned.
6227 CSV Import fixed to allow the import of graphics as well as files
6247 CSV Import now trims title to prevent truncation error message
6259 CSV Import no longer duplicates tags when same set of items uploaded multiple times
6113 Fixed error where item was displayed in What's New, when added using What's New widget, but Advertising Option is off for the folder
Company Blog  
6289 Fixed formatting error on email alert.
Company Store  
6269 Fixed error when trying to add Company Store to Application Feed widget
6225 Email icon now hidden in View Org chart if email field set not to display.
6234 Employee Number label changed to properly reflect it is an Admin only field.
5848 Fields on the employee card now following the same display rules as employee profile.
6261 Fixed error during employee search.
6265 EmployeeID field now available during Active Directory sync.
6267 Changes to user name in Active Directory now detected during scheduled task
6249 Fixed years of service calculation for sending anniversary message
6216 Inline editing of email addresses now strip out invisible characters
Events Calendar and Training  
6181 Conflict checking in Calendars was checking against multiple day declined items
6197 Approval of recurring daily events was failing to approve all future events.
Form Builder  
6167 Performance improvements when searching responses
6180 Fixed sort order of responses in pagination control when viewing an individual response
6196 Vertical list of checkboxes / radio buttons now aligned when exported to PDF
6210 Prevented the multiple submission of forms due to browser Back button.
6220 Fixed error with Build Tool where font style and color could not be changed
6207 Performance improvement when viewing list of pending approvals
6239 Mileage calculator location suggestions where slightly off
6250 Fixed error with anonymous forms when ignore folder level permissions option was turned on
6185 Export of a large number of form responses to Excel no longer throws an error
6298 In Response Table View, sorting by a numeric field now sorts by number, intsead of alphabetically (11 was coming before 2, etc)
6179 Fixed issue when text not visible when editing a Mega Menu
6229 Fixed JavaScript issue with IE 10.
6236 Fixed issue with legacy "Just for Fun" application not showing in menu for users
6251 Fixed issue where ability to add new menu hidden when wide icon used in menu
6209 Fixed issue with tag searching
6233 Fixed registration email to prevent duplicate instructor email
6120 Restored missing icons on bookmarks widget for non-admin user
6191 Fixed training print view on Railo
6218 Fixed random ordering option in Application Feed widget
6256 Fixed issue with broken images on Profile widget
6283 Fixed issue with blank space shown for expired widgets in Railo
6245 Approval history now shows "Pending" for the next pending stage.

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