Intranet Connections Installation Guide


This guide outlines the steps to install Intranet Connections  on a new server.
For more information on the latest release, please view Policy Assist (V13.5).

Preparing the New Server

The installer will install an CFML application service for the Default Web Site.  (IIS still handles all requests, but passes CFML files to the application service for processing). Other web applications can be hosted on the same server, but should be hosted on different sites.  

Database Considerations

The installer will give you the option to install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express 64-bit locally, or to create the database on an existing SQL Server (2005 or higher). Note that the installer will install the SQL Server, but not the management tools (SQL Management Studio).

If you need to customize your SQL Server installation, please run this before running the installer. The Intranet Connections installer will prompt you for the SQL server location, which can either be installed locally or on a separate server. Please ensure that SQL Server has TCP/IP protocol enabled and mixed mode authentication enabled. If hosted separately also ensure the firewall will allow TCP/IP connections. 

Running the Installer

To run the installer, you will  require a serial number provided by Intranet Connections.

  • Download the Intranet Connections installer of your choice: Corporate, Finance, or Healthcare
  • Log into the server as an Administrator, and run the installer. You will be asked for a Lucee password. By default, it is connections
  • If you are hosting the database on a separate server, set the database server settings.
  • After installation, you will go to a page, where you can enter Lucee credentials. First, patch the Lucee Server.  Then, enter the password "connections" for Lucee. 
  • After installation, it should automatically open a browser at address "http://<server name>/Intranet"
  • The login is kellybristow / password.

Once the Intranet is up and running, please see Configuring the Intranet for how to configure the intranet to match your environment.


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