Creating IntranetConnections Login in SQL Server

If you need to copy or move your database to a new server, there are some steps required to setup the IntranetConnections login access.

By default, the Intranet Connections web application connects to the database server using a SQL login named "IntranetConnections".  Your SQL server must have this login mapped to a user in the database IntranetConnections as a "db_owner" role.

  1. Create a SQL login called "IntranetConnections" and make note of the password
  2. Restore your IntranetConnections database to the new server
  3. Open a New Query window connected to the restored database
  4. Execute the following command to re-associate the login with the user in the database: exec sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix','intranetconnections';


Once the login/user mapping has been successfully configured, you should see something similar to this if you look at the login properties for "IntranetConnections":


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