Create Setup Details Files for Upgrading to Super Search (V13.0)

The upgrade installer for Super Search (V13.0) will prompt you (see below) for a setup details file (IC_12.5_InstallDetails.xml).


The setup details file ensures the upgrade installer has all the information it needs to perform the upgrade successfully (e.g. intranet site physical path, database settings, etc.) The upgrade installer will allow you to change these settings if migrating to a new server.

To create the setup details file:

  1. Download one of the following scripts, depending on your environment:
  2. Update 'connections' on the first line in this file to reflect your own Railo/ColdFusion password if it has been changed from the default password.
    • For ColdFusion environments, if you encounter 'Datasource could not be created & verified', you will need to change the 'DBIntranetConnectionsPassword' to reflect your own password for the SQL Server 'intranetconnections' user: <cfparam type="string" name="DBIntranetConnectionsPassword" default="ICu$er&7ogin@20">
    • If your customized password includes the character "#", please add an extra "#", so that the Coldfusion system handles it correctly.  For example, if your password is "SteveNash#13", then you should enter "SteveNash##13" in the file.
  3. Login into your intranet as an Administrator (with Super Administrator rights).
  4. Navigate to the Execute Custom Code screen.

    Click Admin link, Setup Tab, and click "Execute Custom Code" link under Extensions - If you do not see this link, this means that you are not logged in as a Super Admin.
  5. Cut and paste content of the downloaded script file into the Execute Custom Code text box.
  6. Click the "execute" button.
  7. Choose to save the IC_12.5._InstallDetails.xml file.

This file should then be transferred to your intranet server you will be upgrading to version 13.0. 

Once this is done, return to the Super Search Upgrade instructions to complete the remaining steps.



 If you get error "Error: No access, password is invalid" your Railo or ColdFusion administrator password has been changed from the default. Before clicking "execute", modify the first line of the script file, changing the password shown below in bold:

<cfparam type="string" name="AdminPassword" default="connections">



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