Version 12.5 Patch 14

Important Notes

If you downloaded and applied Patch 14 before Mar. 17th 12:30PM (PST) Please apply the following hot fix.

Hot Fix 6499 for Version 12.5.14 (requires login with primary contact email address and serial number)

For sites that are view secured, users who have been granted view access are no longer able to view applications in the site. Correspondingly, any menu links to these applications are no longer shown for the affected users. Hotfix 6499 addresses this issue..

Common Issues

Commonly encountered issued resolved include:

  • Editing of the top menu was shifting items to the right when center aligned.
  • Pictures of employees were not being show in employee widget.
  • Page owners could not edit widgets in the page.
  • Diabled users were incorrectly being shown when assiging page ownership rights.
  • The loading of forms with a large number of fields and responses was slow.

New/Changed Functionality

Training Calendar
Normally the ability to register an external user for course is limited anonymous users, or are administrators, instructors and app owners. A new setting has been added which allows everyone to see and use the "register external user" link during course registration. When clicked, they can register under a different name and email address.


To enable is option, modify the properties of the Training application, and enable "Allow everyone to register external users".


Online Forms

  • The default sort order when choosing to view form responses (immediately after submitting a response) has be set to sort descending by submission date.
  • In Online Forms, if you are searching by a specific form response Id, the response will now be returned, even if it is archived (instead of having to click the Archive option first).
  • Modified mileage calculator to show a shorter version of address information


  • Moderators of page comments now receive email notifications, just as they do with application comments.

 Version 12.5 Patch 14 Change Log

6297 Disabled now hidden when assigning page ownership rights.  
6313 Text when copying a folder adjusted to say "you are about to copy" instead of "you are about to move"  
6383 Fixed error during orphan profile merging when some records were previously imported from .csv and CreatedDate was not set.  
6399 Respect user's background theme color in asset page, in addition to their font color.  
6417 Security groups can now be assigned page ownership rights.  
6427 Prevent users who are restricted from accessing a site from being able to subscribe to alerts on applications within the site.  
App Builder  
6324 Fixed issue when trying to set the Publish Date field when importing records into Appbuild via .CSV import.  
6319 Updated .CSV App Builder Import to respect link settings for title (open item versus open file)  
6353 Ensure version number assigned to a new file using file versioning has the correct value when previous versions have been deleted.  
6433 Prevent customers from deleting themes are the currently in use by a site, when modifying the theme of another site.  
6440 Fixed issue where users set with "global permissions do not apply" were seeing links in the left menu navigation to items they don't have access too.  
Company Store  
6446 Fixed issue where content in a context box were not being displayed.  
Company Blog  
6432 Show blog publisher photo even if they don't have an employee record.  
6310 Enabled the ability to delete departments which have "generic" in the name.  
6326 Tags now wrap properly in IE 9.  
Events Calendar
6418 Fixed error with conflict checking with recurring events when no workflow is defined.  
Form Builder  
6300 Updated Build Tool positioning to support screens with lower resolutions (vertical).  
6314 Fixed issue with displaying response summay when pagination is turned on.  
6315 Fixed issue when exporting form responses, when custom column field names have been changed.  
6351 The default sort order when choosing to view form responses (immediately after submitting a response) has be set to sort descending by submission date.  
6365 Exporting of form reponses now respects filter settings.  
6379 Fixed issues where in some cases, sorting dropdown opftions alphabetically was not working.  
6382 Added Last Edited On and Last Edited By fields to form export options.  
6400 Updated formula field to be able to use values from radio buttons and drop downs inside of a spreadsheet control.  
6403 Fixed issue with regular expresson validation when re-entering a field.  
6410 Fixed issue where labels of system fields were not appearing in table view.  
6404 Modified mileage calculator to show addresses is shorter format  
6416 Fixed issue in form response export when one or more fields have the same name  
6408 Performance when loading forms with large number of fields and responses has been improved.  
6438 Empty formula fields no longer cause JavaScript issues.  
Form Workflow  
6327 Added check to ensure approval stage as an approval manager set.  
6359 Fixed issue when responses could not be re-submitted once reset when there is a trigger on the workflow.  
App Workflow  
6425 Items declined in content approval are now properly published as re-submit.  
6372 Setting of a new home page properly clears home page cache.  
6350 Advanced search now maintains search criteria when navigating between pages  
6406 Moderators of page comments now receive email notifications.  
6407 Fixed link issue when clicking Department name in search results.  
6316 Fixed issue in changing a menu link from an internal link to an external link.  
6330 Editing a top menu with center align no longer shifts menu to the right when editing.  
6366 Page owners now have correct permissions to add links to menu widget controls on the page.  
6321 Registration confirmatione email sent now correctly lists the dates for sessions with multiple dates.  
6380 Fixed error when editing a course after instructions assigned to a couse, but instructors are then turned off.  
 6422  New option added to not limit who can view and use the "register external users" link during course registration.  
6320 Fixed issue with pictures not being shown in employee widget.  
6322 Employee brithday  / anniversary widget ignoring currrent day.  
6325 Page owners can again edit widgets in their pages.  
6331 Fixed issue displaying pages when birthday / annivesary widget has unexpected data.  
6336 Fixed issue with display of recuring weekday events in calendar widget.  
6328 Fixed RSS feed widget time zone conversions error in Railo.  
6402 Added better support for different date formats for publish date in an RSS feed widget.  
6371 Copying pages now correctly copy expired widgets.  
6430 turned off caching for Employee profile widget if annivesary option is selected.  
6449 Fixed issue when clicking "view more" link in What's New widget.  

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