Version 13.0 Patch 1

Applying the Patch

After applying the patch, a restart of Railo is required, and performing a re-index is recommended.

You can restart Railo in one of two ways:

A) If you have local web server access, search for the application "Railo-Tomcat Service Control". Open the application and click Stop, then Start.
B) If you do not have server access, goto


Enter your password (default is connections), and click the restart button.

Note that the intranet will not be available for 1 to 5 minutes as Railo restarts.

To re-index your site:

1) Login as administrator, and click the admin link.
2) Under the Settings, Global Config option, choose Site Search.
3) Click the "re-index my site data" button.

Note that depending on the amount of content you have, a site re-index may range from a few minutes to a few hours. During the re-index process, some items may not be returned in search until the re-index process is complete. It is recommended to run the re-index off hours.

Common Issues

Commonly encountered issued resolved include:

  • AJAX errors during search do to a variety of unanticipated data combinations
  • disabled accounts in list of accounts when assigning page/site owners

New/Changed Functionality

Reduction in Search Memory Usage

For customers with large files, search index size is greatly reduced, resulting in faster performance and less memory overhead. To take advantage of these improvements, you will have to re-index your site.

  1. Click Admin, and under Setup Tab, Click "Site Search"
  2. Click Re-index my site data.

Note, you should run the re-index at the end of the work day, as items will not return in search until after the re-index finishes.

Employee Managers

Employee managers can now edit the tags associated with an employee. Employee managers can also update an employee's status.

Viewing Work Anniversaries Updated


In Employee Directory, you can choose to see the upcoming work anniversaries by month. Previously, this screen did not show employees whose first anniversary has not yet past.

This has been changed to show all employees and how many years they have been with the company. In addition, the year has been added to the month control, so you can check any anniversary in the future.

 Version 13.0 Patch 1 Change Log

 6341  Fixed error message on log out.  
 6334  Disable accounts properly hidden when selecting app/page owners.  
 6349  Active Directory settings, sync supervisor option now saves correctly.  
 6347  Hot fix reversion fixed.  
 6375  Fixed issue when using AD Sync with SSL.  
 6376  Removed Employee Directory from list of apps to subscribe to, as it has no event alerts.  
 6368  Support for Exchange Web Services using domain\username and multiple domains.  
 6369  Item count now updates correctly in Exchange widget.  
 6411  Fixed issue in saving several app settings.  
 6417  When assigning permissions using Elevated Rights, allows groups to be assigned site ownership.  
 6441  Fixed permissions for employee managers to allows them to edit employee status.  
 6481  Although unused when host name is empty, allowed proxy port field to be cleared on save.  
 6444  File migration utility fixed to properly clean up source files from new destination.  
 6484  Fixed issue with clean up of archived items in a scheduled task.  
 6506  Admin subscribed alerts for another user now correctly sends alerts.  
App Builder  
  6529  Deleting a document was throwing an SQL error.
Design / Theme  
 6342  Fixed launching of simple theme editor from search page.  
 6330 Fixed issue where top menu was shifted to the right in design mode, if currently set to be center-aligned.  
 6310  Enabled the ability to delete departments which have "generic" in the name  
 6391  Fixed tool tip for phone icon.  
 6491  Longer job titles no longer cut off.  
 6492  Employee Number filed now available for display on employee cards  
 6493  Employee managers can now edit tags.  
 6470  Anniversaries page updated and now displays all employees (see above).  
 6507  Fixed issue in displaying divisions in IE 11.  
Form Builder  
 6377  Menu links to forms in secured folder now correctly being displayed in menus for authorized users.  
 6496  Fixed issue with from response table when customer upgrading from 12.5.14.  
 6520  Columns added during Form Response export where different based on exporting user's view permissions.   
 6241  Fixed error message on sign out.  
 6456  Changed location of log files to match intranet site's physical drive.  (e.g. D:\inetpub\wwwroot\coldbox\logs)  
 6316  Fixed issue when trying to change link URL from external to internal in a menu.  
 6480  If an image fails to upload when setting in a menu, and error message is now displayed.  
 6535  Menu links set to display UNC links to files now work with embed content display option.  
 6339  Display card now refresh properly in Internet Explorer when data changes.  
 6343  Search filters not specified in search URL link now cleared when link is processed.  
 6458  Fixed AJAX error when trying to display documents which don't have UserID assigned.  
 6414  Account for items which have invalid file upload IDs.  
 6498  Account for null publish dates in App Builder when re-indexing due to folder changes.  
 6490  Removed from search filters any items the current user does not have access to.  
 6495  Added license and employee fields to the search employee preview card.  
 6465 Reduced search index size by excluding non-text file content from search index.  
 6516  Fixed AJAX error related to null date/time fields with Training / Marketplace search results.  
  6505  Pie chart links now work correctly.
 6435  Fixed issue when exporting list of course registrants.  
Tutorial Builder    
6428 Resolved issue with viewing tutorials.  
 6333  Support for relative links beginning with "./"  
 6320  Employee profile pictures now displayed in widgets even if they don't have an employee record.  
 6322  Birthday/Anniversary widgets fixed to show events on the current day  
 6373  What's New feed fixed to immediately show items set to advertise now  
 6402  Better support for different date syntax when displaying RSS feeds  
 6419  Chat Time fixed to properly reflect time.  
 6468  Issues in items not appearing in content feed widgets due to time differences between SQL Server and web server now resolved.  
 6518  Comments widget now displaying author and date.  
 6524  Pop-ups now appear correctly when clicking the 2nd or 3rd day in a recurring event.  

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