Version 12.5 Patch 15

Common Issues

Commonly encountered issues resolved include:

  • multiple issue when exporting form responses
  • form summary view not displaying results
  • calendar feed widget showing "true" or "yes" beside content
  • Fixed issue where images in photo gallery were being displayed as text

New/Changed Functionality

Employee Directory

  • The display card in employee directory now allows the employee number field to be added.
  • Employee Managers can now add employee tags.
  • The Anniversary screen in Employee Directory improved

Form Builder

  • New "Not Equal To" option added to workflow stage triggers
    • trigger comparison options changed from symbols (=,<, >) to words (equal, less than, greater than, ...)
    • you can now specify "not equal to" option for stage trigger.
    • This is useful for when you don't want to send the general notification email if a more specific email will be send in a later notification stage
  • Exported approval history column now includes time in addition to date

Content Approval Workflow

  • Items that were moved from folders with content edit approval enabled were maintaining the original folder's content approval process.
    This is now been changed so if an item is moved to folder without workflow, approvals are no longer necessary.

 Version 12.5 Patch 15 Change Log

6463 Fixed error when creating or managing departments
6462 Allow App Owners to delete Color Code in Calendar app.
6506 Resolved issue where alerts created by admins were not being delivered to users.
6444 Fixed file migration utility issues in Railo
6605 Pressing enter now saves changes to tag group name.
6627 Fixed issue with welcome email having the wrong user for reset password.
6454 Update Web Location now less database resource intensive.
6518 Fixed issue where comments widget was not displaying author and date
6583 Number fields in appbuilder now storing using double instead of float to prevent precision issues.
6492 Made the "employee number" field available to display on employee cards.
6493 Fixed a bug with employee managers not being able to add employee tags.
6507 Fixed directory search to allow division filtering with IE11.
6470 Show all employees under Work Anniversaries.
6460 Search by response number now allows to export to PDF, CSV, etc
6515 Form responses previous saved as draft did not retain approval trigger information.
6527 Fixed issue where form summary view was displaying the results
6520 Fixed issue where exported form responses results in too many columns for users with view form response permissions
6543 Add support for forms with only spreadsheet sections.
6551 Fixed issue with filtering by user when viewing responses.
6537 Fixed error when exporting Form responses to Excel
6553 In approval history export, Approval History column now includes time as in previous versions
6586 Fixed issue where using a trigger to display field in a test was displaying the answer
6619 Notifications emails coming from wrong user when notification stage contains external email.
6603 Forms Responses “Filter By User” drop down menu displays disabled users
6593 Not Equal For Workflow Stage Triggers
6574 Fixed issue where submitting a poll while reloading the current page caused duplicate form responses
6451 Discussion reply with a file upload was causing an error indexing the file
6479 Fixed error when viewing a page with only view rights
6499 Fixed issue with security being too restrictive when viewing applications inside secured sites
6540 Fixed issue in saving link changes with Bookmark Widget
6634 Better support for FireFox 37.0.2 and later with CKEditor source view
6487 Made spacing of icons consistent when used in title of menu widgets within a mega menu
Photo Albums  
6624 Fixed an issue in some environments the images were showing as text in the viewer.
6377 Fixed issue where link not available to regular users when pointing to resources in view secured folders/categories.
6560 Training icon for registration now hidden on the weekly or daily calendar if registration is disabled.
6582 Fixed error when registration is disabled and no number entered for class size.
6608 Fixed issue where email notification for course change appears blank
6480 Restored ability to set icon for  menu widget item.
6552 Tags widget now working correctly in the side navigation of any page contains tags quick form.
6564 Fixed issue when searching with What's New Archives.
536 Fixed rendering issues with ratings widget
6590 Fixed duplicate display of calendar item in Application feed widget when no time specified.
6468 What's New widget now shows items immediately, even when database and application times are slightly different.
6469 Calendar widget feed no longer showing "true" in error if no time is selected.
6585 Fixed issue where saving a home page with dozens of expired message box widgets throws an error.
6601 Removed "divide by 0" error if setting item count to 0 in anniversary widget. 
6584 Fixed issue where user defined groups were not available in to be added.
6581 Edit approval now based on the current folder not the original folder.

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