Version 13.0 Patch 2

Patch 2 for Version 13.0 introduces a lot of new features in addition to a number of fixes.

Applying the Patch

After applying the patch, a restart of Railo is required, and performing a re-index of search is recommended to populate automatic suggestion search terms (see more below)..

You can restart Railo in one of two ways:

A) If you have local web server access, search for the application "Railo-Tomcat Service Control". Open the application and click Stop, then Start.
B) If you do not have server access, goto


Enter your password (default is connections), and click the restart button.

Note that the intranet will not be available for 1 to 5 minutes as Railo restarts.

To re-index your site:

1) Login as administrator, and click the admin link.
2) Under the Settings, Global Config option, choose Site Search.
3) Click the "re-index my site data" button.

Note that depending on the amount of content you have, a site re-index may range from a few minutes to a few hours. During the re-index process, some items may not be returned in search until the re-index process is complete. It is recommended to run the re-index off hours.

Common Issues

Commonly encountered issued resolved include:

  • Photos in Photo Album being displayed as raw text intead of image when clicked
  • Content Approval workflow on a item was being retained after item is moved to new folder

New/Changed Functionality

  1. Auto Suggest for Search Terms


    Searching now supports automatic suggestions as the user types in search terms. Clicking on a suggested term wil automatically complete the word.

    • Up to 5 suggested terms are show after typing 3 or more characters.
    • The suggested terms are based on the words in the title field of your items.
      e.g. If you have a document titled "ACHCompliance Manual", "ACHCompliance" will be suggested after you type "ach"
    • Suggest matches on employee names will return the full name
      e.g. If you type "mark" it will suggest "Mark Anderson", "Mark David", "Mark Young", etc.
    • In addition, the header on preview cards are now clickable, and go to the item.
  2. Applications


    • Various URI/UNC formats for link field in an App Builder Application to local network files are now supported.
      e.g. file://servername/document.ext,  Z:\Folder\filename.ext, \\servername\folder\filename.ext, etc.
    • You can now cancel a Checkout with file versioning
  3. Employee Directory

    • The display card in employee directory now allows the employee number field to be added.
    • Employee Managers can now add employee tags.
    • The Anniversary screen in Employee Directory improved
    • The Notes field in Active Directory has been added as a source field for the Active Directory to Employee Directory field mapping.
  4. Form Builder

    • New "not equal to" option added to workflow stage triggers

      • trigger comparison options changed from symbols (=,<, >) to words (equal, less than, greater than, ...)
      • you can now specify "not equal to" option for stage trigger.
      • This is useful for when you don't want to send the general notification email if a more specific email will be send in a later notification stage
    • Exported approval history column now includes time in addition to date
    • New option to include CC/BCC email addresses when sending decline/reject emails
      • This is useful for a department manager to be informed if his department member has declined or rejects a request
      • These new fields are located under Edit Form, Workflow tab, Advanced Options, Workflow Emails
  5. Content Approval Workflow

    • Items that were moved from folders with content edit approval enabled were maintaining the original folder's content approval process.
      This is now been changed so if an item is moved to folder without workflow, approvals are no longer necessary.

 Version 13.0 Patch 2 Change Log

6565 Fixed error when using home site's inline editing.
6627 Fixed error with welcome email having the wrong user for reset password.
6580 Items added using Appbuilder CSV import now automatically indexed in search.
6583 Number fields in appbuilder now storing using double instead of float to prevent precision issues.
6573 Removing a file from appbuilder item no longer throws error messagee.
6594 Deleting an Appbuilder application with file uploads no longer throws an error message.
6607 Advertising section now properly hidden whe advertising is diabled, and item is added from the application home page.
6630 Import CSV now supports "/" character in column header.
6595 Add option to map the Notes field from AD into Employee Directory.
6568 Count of items in form builder folders no longer include deleted forms
6569 Custom SQL field now correctly populating in the search filter form
6537 Fixed error when exporting Form responses to Excel
6643 Users with only folder permissions can now export responses as CSV files correctly.
6625 Fixed issue where Regex values on fields were not saving.
6598 After adding an item to discussion forum, users were accidentally being redirect to search.
6540 Fixed issue with updating links in a Bookmarks Widget.
6579 Handle different file linking protocols and formats (UNC/URI).
6628 Display of folder names when moving an item was replacing "&" character with "&amp;"
6614 Clicking on a tag action changed back to redirect to an application search if in an application.
6654 Fixed an issue with checking in/out library items.
Photo Album  
6624 Fixed a bug where in some environments the images were showing as text in the viewer.
6542 Breadcrumbs displayed in search now udpated when site or application name is updated.
6556 Search Filter dropdown list now hides secured sites and applications for users without permission.
6489 Search was not respecting "hide archived items in search" for newly added or edited archived items.
6389 Clear the screen on empty searches with no filters selected.
6386 Clicking the preview card headers now to the item.
6596 Fixed issue where clicking approval link in email approved the item, but then displays an error message.
6578 Text in custom code widget was being truncated.
6536 Ratings widget now displays ratings correctly.
6616 Fixed issue with quick search widget in the left nav not performing content search.
6602 Added cc and bcc fields to the reject and decline emails in workflow

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