Version 12.5 Patch 16

Common Issues

Patch 16 greatly improves Online Forms (Formbuilder) performance for customers who have thousands of form responses. This includes navigating inside of the Online Forms application, as well as filling out forms. Part of these improvements include adding new indexes to the database. It make take up to 10 minutes after the patch is applied, before the indexes are finished building in the background. Once finished, you should see must faster response times when working with forms.

Update Aug. 31st, 2015: A new Export All feature for form responses is also available as a post patch hotfix. This allows you to export all form responses for the current filter (or all responses if no filter applied) as a .csv, instead of being restricted to just the current page.



To enable this new Export All feature, please install Patch 16 first, then download an apply Hotfix 6824.

New/Changed Functionality

Mega Menus

  • When the text of a top menu header exceeds the fixed menu section width set in the theme, the top menu will now expand vertically to accommodate up to 3 lines of text.

 Version 12.5 Patch 16 Change Log

Active Directory  
6666 Connection settings now support Admin Usernames in domain\username and formats.
6764 Fixed issue where if exactly one user is added to a group, user was not being added to group on sync.
6674 Fixed missing help link for pages.
6713 Apps with RSS feed widgets added can be now be deleted without error.
6763 Fix JavaScript error when viewing an item.
6682 Fixed error when a blog is deleted with more than one contributor.
6640 Blog administrators now have access to settings tab.
Company Store  
6644 Fixed error when same item added to cart more than once.
Employee Directory  
6778 Fixed issue when adding new push subscription by folder.
6780 When sorting by First Name, Last Name, now correctly does secondary sort by Last Name
6785 Email addresses with single quotes are now considered valid.
Events Calendar  
6754 RSS feeds based on Events Calendar app now include short description.
6696 Removed blue * from user interface indicating which fields are indexed by search
6706 Changing user permissions to particular folders now returns much faster.
6748 Links to uploaded files added to a spreadsheet control in a form now link correctly.
6527 Made a number of fixes to From Summary view that was preventing results from being shown.
6643 Fixed error in exporting responses for users with limited security rights
6648 / 6726 Fixed issue with export when some field name labels are subsets of other label names
6776 Fix issue when exporting form responses submitted anonymously
6646 Form performance improvements to prevent timeouts on submission.
6723 Improved form clone function to prevent long string truncation.
6769 Closed security hole on mobile web site which allowed users to see forms they don't have permission to.
6767 Fixed issue where regex expression for field validation was not being displayed in design mode.
6721 Show all text in mega menu when text wraps to second line to due to column width
6711 Fixed issue where some internal links in menu would cause errors.
6781  Fixed Internet Explorer 10 issue when editing status on profile page
6727 Fixed issue adding yourself to waitlist if the training application was cloned from another training application.
6784 UI change to make arrows in Training application consistent with rest of site.
 Allow changes to training calendar course when no sessions added.
6678 Fixed issue where submitting a Quick Poll threw an error.
6679 Fixed issue where weather widget was not updating.
6756 Fixed issue in displaying Saved Report.

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