Version 13.0 Patch 3

Update Aug. 31st, 2015: A new Export All feature for form responses is also available as a post patch hotfix. This allows you to export all form responses for the current filter (or all responses if no filter applied) as a .csv, instead of being restricted to just the current page.


 To enable this new Export All feature, please install Patch 3 first, then download an apply Hotfix 6824.

Applying the Patch

After applying the patch, a restart of Railo is required. You can restart Railo in one of two ways:

A) If you have local web server access, search for the application "Railo-Tomcat Service Control". Open the application and click Stop, then Start.


B) If you do not have server access, goto


Enter your password (default is connections), and click the restart button.

Note that the intranet will not be available for 1 to 5 minutes as Railo restarts.

Patch 3 is all about improving the responsiveness of the Intranet. Performance has been improved, especially Online Forms (Formbuilder) performance for customers who have thousands of form responses. Part of these improvements include adding new indexes to the database. It make take up to 10 minutes after the patch is applied, before the indexes are finished building in the background. Once finished, you should see must faster response times when working with forms.

New/Changed Functionality

Performance Improvements AutoSuggest.png

  • Faster general page response times by caching application settings
  • Faster general page response times by automatic cleanup of notification site alerts older than a month
  • Faster loading of search page by loading additional Search Option dropdowns on demand
  • Faster browsing of forms and form results through query optimization, and not displaying Items Pending Approval by default

New Generic Error Screen Security Option AutoSuggest.png

Under Admin, Setup Tab, Global Config, Errors & Logging option, you can now hide detailed error messages.


 With this option turned on, if an error occurs, the user will only see the message below.



Online Forms Now Shows Published Items First

The home page of Online Forms now shows the Published Items tab first. Users must now click the Items Pending Approval tab to see their items pending approval. This change was necessary to improve the responsiveness of the application, as checking for Items Pending Approval can take a long time for customers who have tens of thousands of form responses.


Mega Menus Can Vertically Expand

When the text of a top menu header exceeds the fixed menu section width set in the theme, the top menu will now expand vertically to accommodate up to 3 lines of text.

User Event Alerts Automated Cleanup

Subscription notifications are now automatically deleted after one month. This is necessary to improve page load times for users who have hundreds of unread user event alerts.

Employee Directory Search Export Restricted

The ability to export employee directory records after searching now restricted to Administrators and Employee Profile Managers.


Search Re-Index Now Continues on Error

 When clicking "Re-index my site data" under Admin, Setup tab, Site Search, the full re-indexing of all items can now continue if an error related to a particular item occurs. The number of successfully items indexed items and the number of errors is now returned on completion. Details of any errors are written to the application log file. If any errors occurred, administrator can choose to email logs directly from this screen.


Version 13.0 Patch 3 Change Log

In addition to the the items listed below, Patch 3 also contains the changes included in V12.5 Patch 16.

6695 Update web location now updates links in blog posts.
6676 Changing global width layout now properly saves value.
6734 Fixed error loading simple theme editor with some versions of IE.
6754 RSS feed based on Calendar application now include short description.
6762 Add option to map the Notes field from AD into Employee Directory.
6744 Fixed JavaScript error on tag search.
6787 Fixed older style links which point directly to departments.
6685 Fixed issue with DeCarta maps integration when intranet allows https only.
6805 New mileage fields now correctly remember switch from metric to imperial.
6690 Made the rendering of form responses faster.
6698 Optimized form response query to be more efficient and use less memory.
6788 Fixed JavaScript error when no valid email defined for a notification stage.
6680 Fixed issue where application was caching the server name for the first request, instead of pulling from settings.
6670 Improved performance by caching application settings.
6682 Fixed issue viewing blog contributors.
6686 Fixed issue embedding hyperlinks when site served via https
6711 Fixed issue where CategoryID was invalid when clicking internal links.
6697 Subscription event alerts are automatically deleted after 1 month.
6589 Site alerts are now permanently deleted from database instead of being marked as deleted.
6725 Fixed issue in users not syncing when syncing thousands of AD users.
6779 You can now change the icon associated with the Help link in the toolbar.
6746 Fixed issue with tag searching in Forum app.
6775 Fixed issue with Chat due to long user names.
6743 Fixed issue with Railo incorrect path.
 6781 Fixed JavaScript issue with IE 10 when clicking edit on profile page.
Photo Album  
6728 Fixed issue when clicking a tag on the Photo Library App
6692 Fixed issue when returning a search result with no user associated.
6610 Log search errors on full re-index and continue. Provides option to email support with log file attached.
6735 Fixed issue when clicking department link in breadcrumb of people search results.
6684 Fixed issue with older javascript files caching after update.
6737 Improved load time of search page.
6771 Added generic error page option (see description above).
6770 Removed some XSS vulnerabilities.
6693 Fixed issue adding a quick poll widget.
6718 Fixed issue with image widget defaulting to 0 width.
6738 Improved performance for Birthday and Anniversaries widgets to skip department checks for administrators.
6749 Fixed link to manage subscription page in My Subscriptions widget
 6740 Fixed issue in IE 9 where widget renders was different in design mode.
6801 Fixed error message with RSS feed widget when RSS feed link not defined.

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