Version 13.0 Patch 4

Applying the Patch

This patch will automatically restart Railo after updating the system.

Note that the intranet will not be available for 1 to 5 minutes as Railo restarts.

New/Changed Functionality

 Patch 4 fixes a variety of minor issues.

A new Export All feature for form responses is now available. This allows you to export all form responses for the current filter (or all responses if no filter applied) as a .csv, instead of being restricted to just the current page.


Version 13.0 Patch 4 Change Log

6851 Added better logging to Exchange Web Service to troubleshoot missing events.
6821 Filtering by tags now shows tags sorted in alphabetical order in drop down list
6865 Any filters now cleared if you re-enter the Employee Directory after navigating away.
6824 Ability to export all responses has been added.
6790 Fixed issue when exporting draft response as PDF for non-administrators
6820 Fixed error when viewing an older response with triggers,
 after adding a new field and a new trigger based on the same field which previously had a trigger attached.
6856 In the Response Table view, Possible Score column was displaying Actual Score instead of Possible Score
6826 Fixed the ability to set default image for advertising new / changed items in Formbuilder
6866 Trimmed whitespace from drop down list items to ensure sorting works correctly.
6862 Fixed security error which would prevent a user from re-submitting a draft if they had view permissions only
6871 Fixed isue where duplicate rows being show when export a form reponse with a spreadsheet section
6828 Fixed top menu navigation alignment for IE 9
6841 Re-enabled the adding of HTML content to blog entries, which was accidentally prevented in Patch 3 as part of preventing against XSS attacks.
6869 Fixed error in stats which prevented the choosing of applications in application visits screen
Photo Album  
6867 Fixed issue in page navigation when filters applied
6848 Employee photos in Mega Menu now have rounded corners.
6855 In Design, Advanced Editor, option to bold top menu items was not being respected.
6847 Allowed top menu items with icons to be center-aligned.
6854 Fixed issue with Application Feed Widget links when added to Mega Menu, and accessed from Search Results page.
6832 Fixed usability issue, so after deleting a menu item, doesn't immediately go to section properties screen which also has a Delete button.
6868 Fixed issue where menu widget toggle state not being respected.
6870 Prevent user for entering more than 250 characters when entering a title, to prevent data trucation error on save.
6876 Fixed issue where employee thumbnails not being displayed in What's New widget, when added to a Mega Menu.
6838 Fixed issue where Message Box was stripping out line breaks.
6859 Ensured that Calendar App Feed Widget always tall enough to show "view more" link
6853 Re-enabled the adding of HTML content to title fields, which was prevented in Patch 3 as part of preventing against XSS attacks.

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