Updating V13.0 Test Server with 12.5 Data (Re-migration / Data Refresh)


If you have previously upgraded a test server to Version 13.0, and now need to refresh the new server with changes from your 12.5 production server before going live, here are the instructions. These instructions only apply to migrating data from 12.5.16 or later to 13.0.4 or later. Your source 12.5 installation must be on the latest patch, and you must be using the latest 13.0 upgrade installer.


STOP: If you have not ran the 13.0 Upgrade installer previously, please follow the steps outlined on the 13.0 Upgrade article linked here instead.

Updating V13.0 Test Server with more Recent 12.5 Data

Please DO NOT UNINSTALL Railo or ElasticSearch. After copying the updated data, we will re-run the upgrade installer and repair the installation. All instructions below are performed on the 13.0 server (not the 12.5 server).

  1. Uninstall  the Intranet Connections program from the Add/Remove programs screen.
  2. Restore and overwrite the 13.0 database with the 12.5 database.
    When restoring, under options, ensure Overwrite the existing database is selected.


  3. Run the following SQL against the restored database, to ensure database login is connected to server login:


    exec sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix','intranetconnections';

  4. In the wwwroot and Intranet folder (typically C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet) backup the following files and folders to the desktop if they exist:
    • _CleanFiles folder
    • WEB-INF folder
    • web.config file
  5. Stop the Railo Server service and the IIS server
  6. Delete the Intranet folder
  7. Copy the Intranet folder from your V12.5 server into the wwwroot folder on the V13.0 server.
    If done correctly, there should be only Intranet folder:
    e.g. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet<files and folders> NOT C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet\Intranet\<files and folders>
  8. If you have previously run the File Migration Utility, remember to migrate your externally stored files as well.
  9. Delete the WEB-INF folder in the newly copied Intranet folder (if one exists)
  10. Within IIS, confirm where your website location is set..
    Expand your sites list > highlight your website > click 'Basic Settings from the right navigation to locate the path.
  11. Replace the backed up files in Step 4. The _CleanFiles folder and web.context file can be pasted into the Intranet folder, overwriting if they already exist.
    If your path in Step 10 included /intranet in the path, copy the WEB-INF folder into the Intranet folder, otherwise, copy it into the wwwroot folder.
  12. Start the Railo Server service and the IIS server
  13. Run the upgrade installer (the same upgrade program you first ran when first upgrading this server).
  14. Choose the same options as before.
  15. When prompt with the dialog "There appears to be an instance of Railo Tomcat already installed..." choose OK.


  16. Finish the upgrade installer.
  17. Check to see if the Elasticsearch service is running. If it is not, start it.
  18. Follow the remaining upgrade steps from the 13.0 upgrade article (click here) and continue on from 'Upgrade Instructions'. Look for '5. Clean-Up Old Files (Mandatory)'
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